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One of the main areas of the body that people are obsessed about developing are their abdominal muscles.  The abs are one of the first areas that people will judge themselves by to determine weight gain or loss and workout success.  Many have given up depressed or even worse with a disorder fueled by the thought that they have failed at their mission.  There are a number of factors to look when trying to decipher why your ab workouts are not successful, some are relatively easy to fix.  Your abdominal area is made up of muscles, much like every other area of your body.  Knowing your body is key to knowing how to make you’re ab workouts successful.  So why is it not working for you?

Workouts Why your Ab Workouts are not Successful



Improper Technique

Much like improperly lifting a barbell, if your ab workouts are being done incorrectly, then you will not be working your targeted area. Many of the popular ab workouts being done today are being done incorrectly due to people rushing or simply not knowing the proper technique when they started.  When you are doing any ab routine, you should only feel the muscles working in your abdominal area. No matter which workout routine you are using, you should not, under any circumstances, feel tension on your legs, arms, neck or back.  If feel tension on any of these areas, then that is the area being worked. Your abdominal muscles are actually not doing anything at all. You are also putting yourself at risk for potential serious injury.  If you are noticing this problem in your workout, slow your routine down and refocus on the areas that you are trying to target, completely relax the muscles that should not be used. Talk to your trainer about ways to help you properly target your abdominal areas.

Too Much Padding

If you are doing your ab workouts daily and have not seen any results extra weight could be an issue.  Inside the human body muscles cover the bones  then a layer of fat covers the muscles.  Any extra fat will hinder the visible changes to your abdominal area.  This is especially true for people that tend to gain weight in their mid section quickly.  It is not that your ab workouts are not working; it is just that you cannot see the results.  If you are properly doing your ab routine, the newly toned muscles are there, they are just not visible until that extra layer of fat is reduced.

Bad Posture

Your posture is critical at all times. During workouts correct posture is needed to prevent injury.  Between workouts correct posture is needed to help keep your body aligned.  Incorrect posture is also one of the largest reasons that people will develop chronic pain.  By ensuring that your posture is correct at all times you will help your body in more ways that you can imagine.  Your core muscles are an imperative part of your posture.  When you are not working them, you can help keep them strong by ensuring that your posture is correct. Having a strong core will also give your midsection a smaller appearance.  Your ab workouts will also work on evenly tightening all the muscles around your midsection. Don’t waste your hard work by having improper posture during the rest of the day.

Your ab workouts are an important part of your workout routine.  If you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, take a careful look at all aspects of your workout.  The good news is that you have already tackled one of the hardest parts, actually starting a regular routine.  All you need to do now is fine tune your regiment and tweak the small issues that may prevent you from seeing your ideal results. has a unique way of adding personal training to your routine. Their workouts come complete with videos that show you exactly how to do a particular exercise.  If you are looking for instruction, help or ideas, this is a fantastic way to help you with your routine and ensure that it is done correctly.  By working out on a regular basis you are already on the path towards success.  Slow results are not failure; they are just areas that may need a second look.  Review your routine and make the necessary adjustments and above all, have a great workout.

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