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It can be difficult to care for an aging loved one; as our parents grow older, they often require more observant care, may seek out medical attention more frequently and may even need day-to-day assistance. Despite how much we respect and appreciate our elders, it may be impossible for us to truly give them the care they deserve and need on our own.

There is no shame in asking for additional help when caring for an elderly loved one. Rather, recognizing when you need assistance and seeking it out is the right thing to do and the best possible gift you could offer to your family member. There are health care professionals and supportive service providers who may be able to assist in caring for your aging parent.

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If you’re unsure whether or not you want to invest in supportive care services, consider how you, your loved one and your family overall will benefit.

  • Professionalism and practice: Every staff member, volunteer, faith leader, social worker and medical professional with whom you and your loved one will interact has years of training and experience in their field. With extensive practice comes established knowledge, and your caretaker knows the best ways to provide for your parent; they have access to information and are networked with other health care service centers and workers. When you work with a supportive services provider, you are putting your loved one in the hands of capable individuals who will care for your aging parent’s needs efficiently and effectively.
  • Holistic care: Supportive services are about more than just treating the physical body; they are about complete wellness, inside and out. Not only do caretakers attend to medical tasks, such as providing your parent with needed medical supplies and prescriptions, but they are also able to assist in personal care and grooming needs in addition to providing various therapies. Therapies range from physical and speech therapy, which can assist in the healing of the mind and body, to integrative therapies such as aromatherapy, which can help ease mental stress and foster emotional balance. Holistic care facilities also realize that with age come other stressors and concerns, and will provide emotional and psychiatric services as needed.
  • Spiritual sensitivity: Palliative care providers understand that faith is also an important part of many people’s lives and aim to respect the beliefs of others. If, for example, you and your family identify as Jewish, you can seek out the services of a Jewish hospice program, which works with a rabbi and follows Judaic rules, recognizing holidays and religious practices.
  • Family inclusion: Supportive services are about more than just the patient; they are about the family as a whole. Clients’ family members are included and consulted throughout the time of service. Surviving family members also receive bereavement services after the passing of a loved one.


Whether you’re seeking an at-home nurse, looking for a rest home or even hoping to find something more nuanced, such as a Jewish hospice, make sure to find a service provider both you and your loved one are comfortable with.

About the Author: When Leah’s mother was facing the end of her life, it was highly important to her that the care she received was provided in a faith-based environment, with the supervision of a rabbi. Leah and her family were able to find such a facility, and recommend that others of the Jewish faith look into these services for aging or infirm family members.
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