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Why You Should Nitpick About Your Lice Treatment

Spotting a miniscule insect crawling on your scalp can be a revolting experience on its own, let alone dealing with the daunting prospect of tracking down every single little critter and any eggs that lie in wait. And as time passes, those pesky louses become ever more resistant to common treatments—even doctor prescribed ones.

Lice Why You Should Nitpick About Your Lice Treatment

Lice Resistance

We’ve all heard about antibiotic resistant bacteria, but now to top it all off head lice is quickly becoming immune to the more common chemical remedies.

Approximately 60% of lice are resistant to chemical treatments like Nix and Rid. While lice infestation is one of the most common childhood ailments, lice resistance is becoming a major problem for parents, schools, and doctors. And in some states—Texas, Florida, and California—all lice that were tested have become 100% resistant to pyrethroids, the main chemical ingredient in common treatments.

Desperate parents have tried many home remedies including dousing a child’s head with products like mayonnaise, vinegar, olive oil, and even more dangerous products like kerosene and gasoline. Some parents even shave their child’s head to get rid of the little buggers.

Aside from the drastic shaved head (especially drastic for young girls who usually want to keep their flowing locks), home remedies simply aren’t working. In nearly every circumstance, lice are growing resistant to the treatments that have been known to work for generations.

Dale and Dehydration

But not all is lost (even if you DO shave your head)! Dale Clayton, who has a doctorate in evolutionary biology, developed a chemical-free system to aid in ridding heads of lice.

While conducting experiments in Oxford, England on how to combat the lice problem Clayton encountered almost zero success. But when he moved to Utah, something interesting happened: the lice he had been working with died. They just dried out in Utah’s arid climate.

That is when Clayton realized dehydrating lice might be the key to ridding your scalp of their presence.

Lousebuster and AirAll

Clayton developed a prototype of a lice-killing machine called AirAll? that uses heat and airflow to dehydrate the lice. The contraption—which resembles a vacuum with a long hose—disperses heat and aridity onto your scalp, which kills 99.2% of adult lice and nits (lice eggs). After a 30-minute session at a certified lice treatment center the lice and nits can be removed with a lice comb.

Randi, a registered school nurse said, “I have had extensive experience diagnosing and treating head lice. Unfortunately except for a lice comb there was very little that could be done because all the recommended pediculicides are lice resistant. I referred my first parent and student with head lice to a lice removal salon. I was quite skeptical at first. I re-admitted that child back to school today and am flabbergasted at the results. The child was clean, not a nit was found and I am most impressed with the fact that no chemical products were used.”

Lice infestation treatment centers are quickly becoming a superior alternative to traditional methods because of their effectiveness, and how mess free they are.? Compared to some situations in which a parent is unable to rid their children of lice for months on end, using heat and airflow works and works quickly. ?

As a solution to itchiness caused by squirming lice, lice treatment centers are a nitpickers paradise.

About Author : Tamsen Maloy is a writer representing?Nit Not?treatment center. She writes about travel, arts, and politics.
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