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Img CQC Standards 300x217 Why You Should Adher To CQC StandardsThis article looks at the importance of Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards and why it is vital to meet them if you operate in the healthcare industry.
If you are providing adult social care, dental care or indeed any form of frontline healthcare services, it is vital that both yourself and your organisation maintains a standard and quality of care in line with government guidance and policies. This can be difficult as these policies are ever evolving, so it is vital that you not only understand the importance of adherence but also have a system in place to ensure that you are never caught out by any updates.
It is important that your organisation understands that compliance to Care Quality Commission regulations and standards is vital to patient safety and this is why it is compulsory. In any care setting, patient safety should be paramount and ensuring that your organisation puts patients at the centre of its actions and decisions is vital to your success.

What is The CQC?

The CQC is tasked with inspecting all hospitals and healthcare settings in England in order to ensure that they are meeting the national standards. CQC officials investigate a number of areas within a facility and focus on key outcomes that have been deemed vital to patient journey, safety and quality of life. These inspections generate reports that are then given to the facility to ensure any learning is taken on board and scores are given, which are made available to the public.

Adhering to The Standards
Adherence is vital to continued operation but it is also important, particularly for private facilities. Clients will want to check your report and scores before committing their loved ones to your care, so it is important that you are able to demonstrate compliance and a continued commitment to improvement.
Adherence can be difficult, however, as policies change and goalposts move, so it is important that you and your staff are organised and on the same page and that your own processes and policies reflect those of the CQC. If you are having trouble with this, it may be easier to employ a CQC management company to assist you in getting your system set up initially. Such a firm can also ensure that you stay abreast of changes.
No matter how you go about ensuring compliance, it is vital that the standards are met, so seek help if necessary as it may make things easier in the long run.

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