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Getting into the fitness hype doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds. It is all about achieving the ideal body figure while staying healthy and active at the same time. The images of well sculpted bodies plastered on the pages of magazines and the promising words of every single fitness instructor on TV are very much inviting and some people use pharmaceutical drugs and/or supplements to help them in their weightloss from sites like Unfortunately, it’s never enough to just want to be fit because there is also a need to work continuously to be as fit as possible.

The work part is most frustrating to many because fitness is a lifestyle. To be fit, therefore, one must also change their way of living if it is unhealthy to begin with. It is, of course, difficult to devote an hour or two at the gym if a huge portion of your day is devoted to work and rest on a routine basis. Similarly, it takes a painstaking effort to replace the usual carb diet of rice and potatoes with fiber rich ones such as vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats. These are the typical difficulties encountered by many.

One of the obstacles to achieving fitness is always finding an excuse to not do it. For instance, the holiday season is always deemed to be an acceptable ‘cheat time’ so that one may indulge in all things oily, fatty, and salty as if on Mondays or Fridays we try to be as healthy as we can be . The habit of putting off for tomorrow what you can do for today is always a peril in the attempt to be fit. The “I will eat junk-food today because I won’t eat any more for the rest of the week” attitude is simply unacceptable. It disturbs the rhythm that one has to live up to if fitness is to be taken seriously.

The lack of discipline is contributory to the fact that we always find an excuse. Also, it is more challenging because it’s a state of mind. It is high time to effectuate the mantra, “mind over matter” or forever be the envious person staring in awe at every person whose already achieved much more in terms of fitness. It is not necessary to completely abandon the sodium and cholesterol at once. You can always try having them little by little or sparingly until you get used to it and avoidance won’t be as hard. It is initially difficult but highly possible just as weaning off must be taught to a child of tender years.

It is easy to see that the road to fitness is paved with many challenges. But what one needs to realize is that these challenges actually only emanate from none other than our very self. So, the first step is really to stock up on motivation (say, getting the perfect bikinis for summer and the perfect body to go with it) and throw away all the excuses.

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