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IVF, or in vitro fertilisation is the process of having sperm fertilize an egg outside of the body. It is used for those who are deemed infertile, or are having trouble with conception when other methods of help have not been successful. In vitro refers to any sort of biological procedure that occurs outside of the organism that which would normally occur inside of the body.


The process of IVF involves taking the ovum, or the egg out of the woman’s uterus and into a container with fluid so that a sperm may be able to fertilize it. Once it has been fertilized, it remains in the container for about two to six days in a growth medium in order to be able to place it back into the woman’s uterus in hopes of having a healthy pregnancy. There are multiple ways to perform IVF, but some methods have more chance of being successful than others. A way to increase the chance of being pregnant would be to use the ovarian hyperstimulation method. This allows more eggs to be released during ovulation by using fertility medications.

Methods And Reasons

There could be many reasons that IVF is something that people end up having to go through in order to become impregnated. There could be reproductive complications, or it could simply just be difficult for a couple to conceive. The male could have a low sperm count, or the woman could have issues with her uterus or her fallopian tubes. It is also possible that the woman could have complications with ovulation as well. However, it usually isn’t the first thing people go to because there are other methods of achieving pregnancy such as fertility drugs, artificial insemination, or surgery.


There are plenty of questions to ask before going through the IVF process. It is important to be informed about most aspects of this process as hormonal injections are necessary in order for a woman to be able to produce more eggs each month. Because multiple eggs are produced, it is possible that there could be a higher risk of having multiple births at one. Ask about how the success pregnancy rate is at a particular clinic to know what to expect. It’s also important to know the cost since this is a delicate procedure. After the IVF facility determines whether or not the eggs are ready to be taken out, women are given instructions for how to prepare for before and after the surgery. Women are able to choose whether they want to be mildly sedated or under complete anesthesia.

Retrieving the egg from the woman’s body may take from 30 minutes up to an hour. It is taken with a hollow needle and then placed directly into the fluid that already contains the donor’s sperm. Doctors will keep a close eye as to how it develops, and the woman would return to the clinic to have the embryo inserted through a catheter. However, doctors recommend doing several at a time to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. But there is a risk of having multiple births which may also lead to an increase of health risks for women and their children.

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