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Under Armour is an American sporting apparel company which was started by Kelvin Plank in 1996, since then they have thrived and are widely known as one of the best athletic apparel companies on the market today. Kelvin Plank used to be the captain of the University of Maryland football team at the age of 23 and understands how important the quality of sportswear is.

The company’s mission is to: Make All Athletes Better’: as an official UK retailer and partner of Under Armour, we share in this vision, by bringing our customers the latest top quality performance sports gear from this high-tech brand.

He noticed that the compression shorts worn during his practices stayed bone dry whilst the shirts he would wear under his jersey had to be changed constantly because they would become soaked with sweat so quickly. This inspired him to create a t-shirt made out of a similar material to the shorts to avoid the sweating problem. He tried them out on his team mates and friends who played in the NFL and they worked perfectly. Many big name brands quickly followed in his footsteps and started producing their own shirts with the same properties. This clothing was revolutionary and made a huge difference to the lives of many athletes, wearing clothing that stops moisture from gathering is also significantly healthier for the body.

Now teams and brands all over the world use this amazing design and produce clothing that goes beneath the external jerseys etc. in order to put an end to the issues involved with excessive sweating, keeping athletes cool and dry for the best performance that they can possibly give. This clothing exists in all different varieties for different occasions making sure that they are supplying something for absolutely everyone. It also means that this material is much easier to maintain and keep clean, as well as being very resilient the fact that it does not absorb sweat means that it is considerably easier to wash. It also means that athletes are not going through several items of clothing in one game which really would be a nightmare to keep clean.

It is possible to purchase Under Armour for hot weather, cold weather, all purpose, cotton wear, and hardier supportive clothing for the more extreme sports. No matter what sort of sport you prefer to indulge in you will be able to find Under Armour sportswear that is completely suitable for you. They even supply clothing for specific different sports on their website. From basketball, football, rugby, and other more high energy sports to golf, yoga, and just plain training. They supply top quality, durable, long lasting, and hard wearing clothing that is more of an investment than a purchase.

They don’t just make t-shirts either, there is a whole range of different garments and shoes available for men, women, and children. As well as tops, bottoms, shoes, and clothing for all different types of sports, they supply accessories such as head gear, gloves, socks, backpacks, and bags. Literally anything that a professional or non-professional athlete could need in order to perform comfortably and effectively.

This blog post was prepared as part of a series which focusses upon Compression Sportswear.

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