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A muscular physique has been a fad since times immemorial and people have sweated it out with various degrees of success in various gymnasiums. While multi-gyms are a popular choice of late, there has been a recent upswing in yoga, aerobics and dance classes too. Losing weight has become a life goal with the same priority as getting a good job after college. There are various theories regarding the right way to lose weight– working out efficiently, doing the optimum amount of exercises, having the correct amount and quality of food, taking adequate rest et al.

Recovery Drink1 What Is The Purpose Of A Recovery Drink?

Most trainers as well as fellow gym-goers nowadays will suggest having a healthy snack after working out. Cashing in on this advice, a lot of companies advertise protein shakes, recovery milk and other such recovery drinks. Now, one might ask after the purpose of such a recovery drink. There are some fair answers available and here are some of them.

Why Is It So? While a good workout can never be substituted by any new fangled machine that allegedly strips away body fat without moving a muscle, there are a few caveats to working out. Primarily, the body uses up vital nutrients and energy while it is being exerted; it is necessary for the person to have a high protein and carbohydrate dish right after working out so that the body gets replenished and fatigue does not set in. The best advice on what to eat after working out varies as per body type. However, in general a recovery drink is quite useful.

A recovery drink should also be taken after working out as an excess loss of energy may result in a serious injury. Along with that, if one is working out more than once a day, it is imperative that he or she takes a recovery drink that shall restore the vital nutrients that were lost during the previous workout.

Advantages One must be careful while consuming a recovery drink since some people tend to crave for smoothies and chocolates alongside. This may lead to overcompensation and the calories shed will be on their way back. Therefore, this will make the regimen quite redundant. For this, a low fat drink, such as soya milk is more than appropriate. Low-fat chocolate milk has the carbohydrates as well as the proteins and is better than the ones than add to the fat content of the body. Along with providing renewed vigor, the recovery drink improves the health quality of the body by increasing the stamina as well as the aerobic capacity by quite some amount.

The Correct Measure A recovery drink is therefore more than essential for endurance. There are, however, a lot of spurious drinks around that stake their claim. It should be remembered that an ideal recovery drink should contain twice the amount of carbohydrates as there are proteins.

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