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Did you know that smoking is the single greatest cause of death across the whole world?

In the United States alone, 450,000 people die each year from smoking. Many people start the the smoking habit and do not realize the dangerous effects that it causes. Many people begin to smoke during the teenage years. Three reasons lead to smoking and they are peer pressure, the desire to be grown, and disrespect for authority.

Smoking causes other health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, emphysema, ulcers and more. You should try to quit smoking now. Many people try and fail and I am one of those people who have failed, but that does not mean that I cannot keep trying. Nicotine is more addictive than cocaine. Nicotine is the hardest drug to quit. There are support groups, counselors and special doctors to help you. There are countless quit smoking programs that you can join for free. There are medications that you can buy on the shelf to help you quit. There are also prescription medications that may help you quit. There is no excuse for those who have failed in quitting to try quitting again. There is hope and one day soon you will succeed.

Cigarettes contain 1200 toxic chemicals that are put into the body by each puff. Just the tar alone contain about 30 carcinogens. Nicotine strongly affects the central nervous system. Psychological dependency develops over time. A regular smoker feels that cigarettes help wake them up in the morning, but there are much healthier and cleaner ways to wake up. The most effective way to quit is called cold turkey. Smokers live 18 years less than non-smokers. Every cigarette that you smoke will shorten your life by 7 minutes. So its important to quit smoking. To know more how to quit smoking for good you can visit

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