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The acupuncture is an ancient art which is originated from China. In Europe, and America this ancient way of treatment was beginning to popularize in the middle of the 20th century. In the acupuncture, there are thin needles used to insert in the body of the patient at specific points. The depth of inserting these needles varies as per the condition of the patient. There is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of the acupuncture, but the results show that it is an effective way of providing relief from pain. The acupuncture treatment is still controversial among the eyes of the western medical science.

Acupuncture What Is Acupuncture?

How the Acupuncture Treatment takes Place

Normally in acupuncture the patient needs weekly or fortnightly treatment, and in most cases patients have to attend the 12 sessions of the treatment. A session lasts around 30 minutes, and in the first visit the therapist examines the patient before assessing his condition. To examine the condition of patient, the therapist may ask to the patient to lay down either face up or face down depending on which part of the body needs the treatment. When the acupuncturist starts inserting the needle in the body, the patient don’t feel much pain initially, but when the needle reaches to a certain depth, there is a little aching or sensation felt. In some cases the therapists uses the heated or stimulated needles for the treatment. Once the needle is inserted in the body, it will remain there for about 15 to 20 minutes.


The Mechanism of Acupuncture

According to the ancient Chinese treatments the health of a person is a result of harmonious balance among the body of that person. There are more than 350 acupuncture points located in the body of any normal person where needles can be inserted. These points are located at the meridians or energy flow. Any types of illness caused because of the imbalance of some forces in the body. By inserting needles at the required point, and on perfect depth, the energy flow can be brought back to the same position. In the modern medical science these acupuncture points are explained as the points where muscles, nerves, and tissues connected with each other. The acupuncture experts believe that when you insert the needle at a certain point it triggers the activity of painkillers available in our own body.


Who Can Get Benefit from Acupuncture

Even though the acupuncture treatment starts as a different type of treatment, but these days the doctors are using it as a combination of modern treatments. Mostly the acupuncture is used by the doctors to provide relief in the pain and nausea caused after the surgery. Most of the leading medical institutes are including the acupuncture treatment in their syllabus. The acupuncture is also used in the veterinary medicine. The awareness about acupuncture in the western society is increasing with each day, and doctors are finding different types of illness in which acupuncture can be effective. It is difficult to comment on the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment in the lights of clinical research, but it is widely accepted in the medical science that in some conditions, this is an effective treatment.

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