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In recent years, men and women are becoming health conscious and actively taking the steps needed to improve their quality of life now and for the future. Believe it or not, certain foods, like raw honey are naturally rich in health benefits that can help your body feel healthier and perform optimally. Maintaining nutrition through good eating habits and proper food selection are two of the most crucial aspects of leading a better life.

raw honey is cholesterol free What are the Benefits of Raw Honey?

Before delving into how you can use raw honey to your advantage, it is helpful to first describe what makes raw honey different from the cute, bear-shaped bottle that most people purchase at the grocery store. Unlike the store-bought version, raw honey has not been pasteurized—this process involves heating up the honey using extreme temperatures, which kills the beneficial nutrients and enzymes. Store bought honey is also micro filtered, which removes the pollen and other natural benefits. As a result, the product you buy at the store and bring home has less of the vital elements that make it healthy and beneficial to the human body.

Honey naturally contains high levels of minerals, enzymes and amino acids

The first benefit is found by simply consuming raw honey, which can give your immune system a total boost. Honey naturally contains high levels of minerals, enzymes and amino acids, and one teaspoon a day is all that it takes to enhance your body’s ability to fight off sickness and disease. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits is by adding one teaspoon to your favorite cup of tea. It’s as simple as that.

Women in particular will love the fact that raw honey can be used in a number of beauty treatments. Naturally rich in humectants (substances that hold in moisture), this kind of honey is perfect for application onto the complexion in the form of a skin moisturizer, facial mask, facial cleanser and even as a conditioner for the hair. Mix a little into your favorite product to give it a try, or there a plenty of recipes to be found online.

Losing weight takes discipline and is hard work so use honey as a healthy sweet cheat food for those finding it difficult to stay on track. Raw honey is perfect to indulge your cravings for something sweet that won’t hinder your progress. Since raw honey is cholesterol-free, it is ideal for allowing the body to properly use its nutrients and other properties and turn it into a healthy form of energy. Additionally, this ingredient also has plenty of carbohydrates, which makes it great at providing the body with extra stamina during workouts and even relieving muscle fatigue.

Aside from weight loss and beauty benefits, many home remedies have been derived from honey. People claim relief from morning sickness, a sore throat, an upset stomach, bladder infections, and others claim consuming raw honey simply helps them bounce back faster and get back to their daily routine sooner.

Remember to enjoy these benefits it is important to note that you buy honey that it is labeled as being “raw” When in doubt, buy raw honey online or find a local beekeeper and ask how they treat their honey.

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