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The glyconutrient health product is a combination of the eight sugars that are used by the body to repair cells. The body makes its own glyconutrients or sugars which are sent out of the stomach and into the blood stream. These sugars are taken by cells or absorbed and cell repair is possible. Without these sugars, the body would die. Glyconutrients are basic to the building and maintenance of the human body. The body makes these sugars naturally when carbohydrates are consumed. The glyconutrients health products are combinations of these eight simple sugars made artificially and sold as supplements. The obvious benefits of taking a concentrated sugar supplement is in the immediate increase in energy caused by the fact that the supplement does not need to go through the digestive process and can be shot out immediately into the blood stream. 

glyconutrient health products might be seen as one way of cutting down on eating foods by substituting artificial sugars What are Glyconutrient Health Products?

There are many glyconutrient health products on the market. The cost of these supplements is comparable to other supplements being sold. There could be a health risk if too much concentrated sugar is taken than what is required by the body to maintain its cell structure. A person who is diabetic or has other serious health issues should not take glyconutrient health products before consulting his physician. Even people with normal health and few health problems should consider the possibility of what could happen to them if their system was flooded with raw sugar that would speed up or just the opposite shut down their metabolism.

The cells of the body can only metabolize so much sugar at a time. Excess glyconutrients could find themselves being stored in the body’s organs like the kidneys which could cause some serious damage to the kidneys function of excreting urine. What seems to be the purpose of selling sugar supplements or glyconutrient supplements is the suggestion that a person could benefit by artificial doses of sugars which are seen as contributing to more and higher energy levels. The word glyconutrient means sweet or sugar as in glyco and, of course, nutrient is seen as a byproduct of food that is consumed.

Some of the food that we eat is fiber and is passed out of the colon without any nutrients being taken out since fiber has no nutrients but is needed by the body to maintain a healthy cleansing of the digestive system taking out toxins and accumulated wastes produced by the body’s organs as they maintain themselves and renew their structure. Besides fiber, foods have nutrients which the stomach digests and sends out into the blood stream as sugars. Some of these sugars are produced naturally by the body’s organs using nutrients found in one of the eight sugars that the stomach breaks food nutrients down into to.

Getting pills or other methods of glyconutrient health products might be seen as one way of cutting down on eating foods by substituting artificial sugars that the body needs to maintain itself. The concept might be used to try and lose weight but seems like that might be unrealistic since the pills are concentrated sugars that might boost the energy level quickly and cause the body to collapse if the stomach lacks food to maintain its function which is to break down raw food into usable products that the body needs to function without dying.

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