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820952324768 Thumb sucking 265x300 Ways To Stop Thumb SuckingThumb sucking has become the worst headache for parents. If the children keep on sucking their thumbs in public, especially after they have grown more than 7 years, it can become a matter of social embarrassment for the child as well as the parents. What normally happens is that children, who feel uncomfortable in social situations, resort to sucking their thumbs. This is an old habit as it develops in the womb. However, as children grow up they start focusing on other activities and thumb sucking is sidelined. If you also want to how to stop sucking thumb, then read on for a few tips and tricks.

  • Talk to the Child- Instead of shouting on them on trying to punish them, you must talk to your children calmly and let them know why thumb sucking is not good for them. Also tell them that if they don’t give up this habit, they may get germs in their digestive tracts which can make them very ill. They won’t be able to play with their friends anymore. If you talk to your child in this manner, they would certainly understand.
  • Give positive encouragement– Every time your child does not suck his thumb in public; encourage him with words and small gifts. These need not be chocolates or candies. You can ask your child to stop thumb sucking and he they do it without any defaults till one month, you will take them to their favorite amusements park or get them a toy. Though this is one trick that everybody would tell you when you ask how to stop sucking thumb, it is a great technique and always works.
  • Thumb Guards for kids– if your child is too stubborn or too shy or is not able to get your message clearly, then you can buy thumb guards for kids. They are made of spandex material and also come in attractive designs to lure the kids. The thumb guard gloves are very pretty so your child would not say no to wear them. The thumb guard would prevent thumb sucking and the child would be motivated to go out and show his friends a cool new accessory that you got for them. They will probably engage in games or any other work and forget out sucking their thumb. The spandex is not harmful and these thumb guards for kids can act as a single most effective means to stop sucking thumbs.

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