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We all want to be healthier, look better, and just feel good about our bodies. But some of us have a hard time dealing with the whole getting to the gym to actually work out thing. It is understandable that when you do have a bit of free time you don’t want to hop in your car and drag yourself to the gym. For many people, the action of going to the gym is more of a deterrent than the actual working out, if only there were some way you could get in shape without the whole hassle of leaving your house. Well, you can! There are plenty of ways to get fit without needing a gym membership right in your own home. You can do workouts that don’t require equipment, make chores feel like a workout, or even get in home personal training. Fitness can be yours, and you don’t have to drive anywhere to get it.

All the Workout, No Assembly Required

What better way to work your body than to simply do that work out using your body, explains Shape Magazine. While the gym may boast all of its fancy machines and equipment you really do not need any of that to get a good workout in. There are plenty of exercises such as lunges, squats, and pushups that require no equipment at all. If you want to do some moves that do require weights or other equipment you would generally find at the gym, chances are you have a substitute right in your own home. Water bottles can be used in place of hand weights and when you want to do some triceps dips just use a stable chair in place of your weight bench.

Make Your Chores a Workout

This may come as a surprise, but when you are simply doing chores around the house, you can actually get a pretty good workout in, according to You hate going to the gym because it takes so much of your free time away from you, so why not multitask by turning cleaning time into workout time as well? Activities such as vacuuming the house or scrubbing your tub can result in burning a lot of calories. To make it more likely that you will really work it while you’re working, try putting on some upbeat music. Even better, throw in some squats or pushups after every song to really work it hard!

Make the Gym Come to You

To get a gym-level workout, you do not need to go to the gym, it will come to you. You can get in home personal training, which will afford you the type of intense workout you are looking for without having to head off to the gym. It really gives you the best of both worlds because you get the intensity of the workout and the privacy and convenience of your home.

Working out does not have to be a hassle or an inconvenience. Once you realize that, you will realize that you can fit working out into your everyday life.

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