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Swimming studies

Some studies have found that regular swimming, compared to other forms of exercise will not necessarily lead to a weight decrease. During swimming, the body is supported by the water, so the body is actually doing less work compared to weight bearing exercise. Another possible reason is due to the hunger experienced post swim. Visit one of the gyms with swimming pools and you will probably find snack food readily available right outside the changing rooms. Whilst other forms of exercise suppress appetite, swimming can increase appetite due to the body’s rapid attempt to balance body temperature. Additionally, the body does not have to work as hard to regulate temperature during the exercise since the water has a cooling effect.

The reality

However, these are rather simplified explanations, and these studies have been conducted on a relatively small scale. A quick Google search and you will find a mass of comments from people who have their own personal experience of regular swimming leading to a significant decrease in weight, and only a small handful who feel that swimming has not made any difference.

Swimming as a form of exercise

Img gym with swimming pool Using The Gyms With Swimming Pools; How Effective Is Swimming For Weight Loss?

Swimming as a form of exercise uses all the major muscle groups of the body, and providing you maintain a moderate pace, it will give your heart and lungs a good workout too. Just with any exercise, swimming improves cardiovascular fitness and overall body tone. Combined with a healthy diet, any exercise that expends more energy than is being consumed will lead to a reduction in weight. Swimming at a moderate pace for one hour will burn approximately 500 calories compared to 250-300 calories for walking. A key benefit of swimming is the resistance that the water adds to the body’s movement, resulting in more calories being used compared to land based exercise.

Fighting the appetite

Whilst it’s true that swimming in cold water will result in an appetite surge afterwards, swimming in a heated pool will reduce this effect. A good tip to minimise a post swim appetite is to take a flask of hot herbal tea with you and drink immediately after the swim. This warms up the body quickly and helps the body regulate temperature without the need for extra calories.

The results

The amount of calories burnt during a swim can be increased by applying high intensity training; swim some lengths as fast as you can, and then swim some more slowly to catch your breath. Improving technique will enable you can swim faster for longer, and will also increase the efficiency of your swim.

Try for yourself

Regardless of the few studies that suggest swimming is not ideal for weight loss, any exercise that you enjoy means you’ll be more likely to keep it up. There are many people that swear by swimming as the success to their weight loss. If you’re in any doubt at all, why not give swimming a try and see how many kilos you can shed.

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