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For some of us, buying new wardrobe pieces every season is all part of the fun. For the rest of us, though, it’s just another burden on our wallets – we can’t afford to only get a season’s worth of use out of a recent purchase. You’ve probably got a few and there are many ways to take advantage of the versatility of the pieces you wore all through favorite sundresses you bought this summer that you’re milking for all they’re worth before the cool weather comes in, but there’s no need to rush in putting them away for the season. Summer transitions very nicely into fall summer.

Denim Shorts

If you think your denim shorts are only useful in summer, think again! In the earlier days of fall, it will still be warm throughout the day but cooler at night – this is the perfect opportunity to pair your denim cutoffs with a long-sleeved top and maybe even a light scarf. Once it starts to get noticeably cooler out, though, you can wear your shorts with tights underneath and a cute pair of boots. Pair it with your favorite top and jacket and you’ve got a cute, casual outfit for late fall.


As long as the pattern isn’t over-the-top summery, it’s easy to incorporate your sundresses into fall outfits. The key is balancing them out with heavier pieces such as structured jackets and comfy sweaters. The more layers, the better! Throw a chunky pullover right over a sundress for a lovely layered look, or simply create volume by using an open cardigan below a denim jacket. Don’t forget to keep your legs warm – having a solid selection of women’s leggings and tights will help you ensure your sundresses go a long way. Tall boots with tall socks under them add to a bohemian layered look, or simply wrap up in a chunky infinity scarf for warmth.

Loose Tees and Tanks

Layering is the epitome of fall fashion, so don’t put away those t-shirts and tank tops, even if they’re light, flowy fabrics, just yet. Graphic tees look cute under blazers with some fitted jeans and casual fashion sneakers in the fall. Tank tops are especially comfortable when worn under cardigans and other sweaters. You can even wear them under open chambray tops with skinny jeans and riding boots for a casual and simple but very fashionable look.


Okay, sunscreen isn’t a clothing item, but it’s important to stress that you shouldn’t be ditching it as soon as September rolls around. Whether it’s a BB cream that offers SPF, a tinted sunscreen, or just your regular old bottle of Coppertone, you should be wearing sunscreen on your exposed areas – namely, your face – year round in order to prevent skin cancer and promote graceful aging of the skin. Many people think that it’s only necessary for on the beach, but it’s actually a year-round necessity for anyone who wants fresh, beautiful-looking skin. Pair it with a moisturizer and fit it into your makeup routine for best results.


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