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Carpal tunnel syndrome is found in the hand where there is a disorder of a nerve due to continuous work strain. In the U.S., 250,000 people every year experience this and a significant percentage of this is from Houston, Texas. ­­If it were diagnosed earlier, this syndrome can be treated. Here are ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome Houston residents can employ.

If you suffer this condition, refrain from doing your usual daily activities with the affected hand. This includes holding a glass of water, doing the laundry or taking off the lid from a jar. Let your hand and wrist rest for not less than seven days so as to remove the pressure from the nerve that is affected.

Carpal Tunnel Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Houston


If you are at work, set up your desk, computer and keyboards in a way that would take off additional strain on your hands and wrists. Your keyboard must be at level with your elbows; and your hands, wrists and forearms must be in line with the floor while you type. When you are typing at your keyboard, utilize a wrist pad as this provides cushioned support below your wrists. It also runs your keyboard’s length and removes the stress from the wrists by elevating them to your keyboard’s level. Every hour, take a short break, stretch your hands and your body and then take a short walk as this shall relax your affected nerve and your entire body.

For seven to fourteen days, utilize a wrist splint to give you support when you straighten your wrist so as to calm your carpal tunnel syndrome, Houston folks. At night, hang your hands on the bedside. When you feel pain, dangle and shake them. To take off pressure, massage your hands. You should also place hot and cold treatments alternately on your wrist so as to remove inflammation and pain. Your doctor may also prescribe ibuprofen every day so as to eliminate swelling and pain.

There are important things you need to remember about carpal tunnel syndrome. Its early signs include numbness or tingling in your hands, burning sensation in your fingers or sharp pains coming from your wrist to your arm. If the symptoms continue, you can treat this with alternative ways that are non-surgical such as acupressure and acupuncture. If you are pregnant, obese, menopausal or diabetic, you are more prone to this syndrome.

As a last piece of advice, visit your physician straight away if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, Houston people, because again if you have this diagnosed early, it can be treated.

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