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Juicing is a topic that comes up any time you discuss detox diets or losing weight. While juice can be very beneficial to the system, green juice is even better. There is a distinct difference between a green juice fast and a diet. With the fast, you drink only green juice and water. With a diet, you will be supplementing your regular diet with juice. Both are beneficial.

1. You can increase your nutrient intake easily. Not everyone finds it easy to eat the recommended five servings of vegetables in a day. If you have difficulty including vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, then a green juice diet can be useful. You will be able to consume your daily amount easily.

Juice does not replace whole vegetables, however. You should also be sure to eat fresh fruit and veggies. They contain fiber and are important for maintaining a healthy bowel.

2. You’ll have more energy. With the right nutrients, your body can work more efficiently. This becomes evident in the amount of energy you have and how your skin and hair looks. Most people see drastic improvements when they increase their liquid intake, along with increased vegetables.

3. Green juice contains plenty of chlorophyll. The green in your greens is from chlorophyll and it is very good for your body. Chlorophyll encourages the body to create more red blood cells and hemoglobin. More hemoglobin means an increase in energy as your cells receive more oxygen.

Chlorophyll is also key in getting the most from your juice. The pigment makes it easier for your body to absorb and use calcium and other minerals. It also helps fight infections by boosting your immune system and strengthening your body overall.

4. Green juice detoxifies your system. Juice fasting has long been used as a gentler method of eliminating toxins from the body than regular fasting. While you are still on a liquid diet, it provides all the nutrients your body requires. The vegetables used in green juice are even better for pulling toxins out of your body.

5. Juicing breaks down fruits and vegetables. Anyone with digestive issues will find that juice is easier to process than whole fruits and vegetables. Even if greens tend to give you stomach problems, you should be able to tolerate the juice from the same vegetables. Eliminating the fiber and breaking the plant down makes it easier on the system.

6. Green juices are low in sugar. If you have ever tried making your own juices using beets or carrots and fruit, you know that juice can be quite sweet. Fruit juice can cause weight gain, as it is full of sugar. You are also drinking concentrated amounts. It can take several carrots to produce a glass of liquid. Green juice is different because it is built on a base of greens, such as spinach, kale and celery, which have minimal sugar.

7. Raw vegetables are extra good for you. While cooked food can be nutritious, it loses something in the process. Raw vegetables are alive and still contain enzymes. The nutrients haven’t been destroyed by heat and are easy for the body to absorb.

Whether you choose a green juice diet or fast, you will see improvement in your health. Adding more greens to your diet is never a mistake.

Kimberly Connor is an avid fitness freak and perennial lover of animals. She spends time with her two dogs and Cat, Fifa, when not typing behind a computer upon green juice diets and fitness.

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