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To build a successful dental business today, dentists need to develop a good business strategy. Excellent training, qualifications and skills are a must in this profession. However, even highly trained dentists must learn how to successfully grow their business by attracting new patients and keeping the ones they already have. The following provides insight into five strategies that have helped many modern dentists achieve their goals.

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Most dentists have discovered that marketing their professional talents and skills is a successful strategy for attracting new clientele. By taking advantage of online marketing, dentists can reach more people with greater ease. Online marketing includes such aspects as creating a website, utilizing social media, sending emails and more. A professional website can do much to promote a dental business and draw prospective clients. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also productive marketing tools to keep your business in the public eye. A good marketing campaign will put your dental services in the forefront of your community, highlighting its many assets and benefits to attract more patients and help it grow.

Patient Referrals and Reviews

Dentists who provide exemplary services to their patients will have little trouble getting referrals from the same. Word of mouth is one of the greatest ways to increase your patient list. Many dentists are also eliciting written reviews or testimonials from their long term patients to post on their website in an effort to draw new clientele. Personal testimonials have proven to be quite effective in helping people choose dental or medical services. When new patients read about the positive experiences of your patients, they are more apt to trust in you and the services you provide.

Use A Professional Dental Answering Service

Good customer service is key to getting more patients and keeping the ones you already have. A professional dental answering service can enhance customer relations by making sure your office meets your clients’ individual needs. Whether your patients are new or old, they deserve prompt and courteous attention that makes them feel valued by your dental staff. A good dental answering service can help you establish a rapport with new patients by treating them with consideration and respect. Your answering service will also be a tremendous boon to the organization of your office, scheduling appointments, answering questions, collecting necessary information from patients, etc. Answering services are your representatives to the public, so make sure your service is an exemplary reflection of your dental firm.

Maintain Regular Communication

Dentists who value their patients will stay in touch, even after a treatment has ended. Regular communication helps to develop a lasting relationship for the future. Keeping in touch with less active patients can be easily accomplished online in the form of simple thank you notes, holiday wishes, monthly newsletters, etc. Staying in touch helps you establish closer ties with your patients, increasing their chances of using your services again in the future and referring you to others.

Special Deals

As dental services can be expensive, patients new and old appreciate being offered special deals to offset dental costs. Dentistry is a competitive field and special deals such as free checkup, discounted cleaning job, free dental x-ray, etc. are often the key to getting new patients interested in what you have to offer. Many dentists also reward regular patients with discounted prices for continued treatments or provide incentives for giving referrals to others. A small $10-$20 gift card for lunch out or drinks at a local pub is well worth the investment if it provides you with solid referrals that can expand your business

About the Author: Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS is a dental professional and consultant who helps other dental clinics improve their quality of care.


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