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I have often heard about Tongkat Ali Herbal supplement but I really did not have a clue what it is specifically for. Well I know that it is a kind of herbal medicine and it is good for the body and I often see it written in the labels behind some products like coffee and energy drinks. I just didn’t believe much of the claims about Tongkat Ali and Fitness. It didn’t make sense to me before.

Tongkat Ali

But recently, I came across an old friend and I was surprised with the big changes on him. I remembered seeing him in his skinny, vulnerable body and a little feminine. He is a gay by the way, but not flaunting it that time. And yet now, he had grown some muscles and his overall look has really improved. He has become very masculine. If you don’t know him personally you really would not suspect that he is a gay! I asked him about his body transformation and he told me it was the effect of using Tongkat Ali and fitness exercises.

Again Tongkat Ali and fitness, how in the world did it help? According to my friend, he discovered the benefits of the supplement when a common friend of ours shared it to him. He said that Tongkat Ali is a traditional “tonic” from Malaysia that is often used by the natives to restore energy, boost strength, and to lighten the mood. Its noticeable energetic benefits made this herb known as “Malaysian ginseng”. Tongkat Ali is good in fitness because it has a natural testosterone booster that safely increases the body’s normal production of testosterone. Natural increases in testosterone can have many upbeat results like increasing your ability to burn body fat and increase muscle mass. By the way he also mentioned that it reverses the effect of erectile dysfunction and actually increases libido or sex drive. Of course I didn’t ask further on that part.

Anyway, his bulging muscles and probably his overall fitness says it all. Tongkat Ali is perhaps effective.

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