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Can’t remember the last time your arms got an appreciative look? I couldn’t either, until I determined to do something about it. It wasn’t that my arms were fat, but they simply didn’t convey the tone of muscle and definition that would make those looking at them have an appreciative thought.

While the desire for an ego-stroking glance may sound superficial, we have to admit to ourselves that our looks are important as we interact with our peers each day, and that our level of fitness plays a big role in making a good first impression. While arms may not be the greatest indicator of overall fitness, they are often the most apparent – you’ll not likely be lifting your shirt to show off a toned six-pack under most circumstances, but long, constantly active arms are always front and center.

So, assuming that we’re starting out with underdeveloped triceps and biceps, how does one go about working towards shapely arms? Using nothing more than Google and a bit of determination, I worked out a simple plan that delivered stronger, better toned arms in three short weeks, without breaking a sweat or having to fit yet another responsibility into my already busy day.

Ladies, embrace your summer tank tops; gentlemen, don’t shy away from that slightly undersized t-shirt – here is the only trick you need to sculpt yourself a pair of arms worth showing off:

Weights While You Wait

Ready for the deepest exercise secret that I have when it comes to saving my upper body from the ravages of a diet that isn’t always at its best? All it takes is a small pair of weights or a light medicine ball and a few seconds of your time.

Because follow-through is my biggest problem when it comes to exercise, I’ve learned to deposit a series of weights – my preference is eight pound medicine balls – throughout my home and in my office, giving me the opportunity to quickly grab something heavy and get lifting while I wait for any number of things. This tactic allows me to work hard for a few minutes at a time, several times per day, culminating in a healthy workout regimen that I barely notice I did.

Not convinced? Consider, if you will, all of the things that you wait for in the run of a day: a phone call, a free bathroom, a toaster oven, a microwave chime – the list goes on. Many of us will find that there is a waiting game to be played much more often that we’d think – as a passionate coffee drinker, for example, I’ve found that I spend a considerable amount of time waiting on both my coffee percolator and my microwave, adding up to at least 20 minutes each day, every moment of which I now spend lobbing a medicine ball up and down, from arm to arm.

How About Results?

The problem with my making this exercise routine sound too easy is convincing you that it will provide real results, but, let me tell you, it does.

Working with weights in this manner, no matter their shape or size, will provide nearly instant results, beginning with predictably sore arms during the first few days, leading to a feeling of improved strength after a week or so, and culminating in real, visible results after only a few weeks of consistent practice.

For me, the results are seen most noticeably in the size and firmness of my biceps and the general toned look of my arms, giving me a boost in confidence in not only my physical abilities, but in my appearance as well. The secondary benefits of nicely toned arms will depend on you, but, whether your goal is to show your upper body off without worry or to give yourself a boost the next time physical labor demands your attention, committing to work with weights while you wait is potentially the easiest way to achieve your goals, and kill time productively – a beautiful combination.

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