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More and more scientists are saying that the key to logevity is probably if people ate much less than now. They examine the theory about how drastic reduction of caloric intake significantly reduces the incidence of cancer and other diseases associated with aging. It is likely that if people started eating far less than now, it would prolong their life by about fifty percent.

Eat less Tip #10: Eat less to live longer?


Biologists from the Institute for Human aging at Liverpool University developed a study that proves that sparingly fed laboratory animals live longer and their health status is significantly better than at well-nourished animals. Dr. Brian Merry of the Institute of Human Ageing announced that he was able to extend the life of rats in a laboratory environment by forty-two percent. Other researchers have extended the life of some animals as much as fifty percent. The rats were denied as much as seventy percent of the normal amount of food. Experimental animals were more energetic and healthier, more youthful looking and reacted more quickly to stimuli.

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