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239076645 fall prevention personal injury Three Preventions Of Slip And Fall InjuriesBy now most people have seen the cartoon picture of a man slipping and falling on a banana peel with a surprised look on his face. Maybe that’s where some of the supermarket “scammers” got the idea of an easy way to fake a personal injury, hire a good attorney and cash-in. Some even go as far as involving their own children to sell the scam. Actually, this “con” is as old as the hills and prevelant still today.

Most every small or large supermarket has the “eye-in-the-sky” camera plus those little yellow plastic stanchions, warning everyone the floors may be wet. This pretty much put the kibosh on that “con”, but for those folks who don’t play those kind of games, you may be wondering how you can prevent slip and fall injuries. Perhaps these few suggestions will help you from seeing the insides of a hospital room or courtroom, or both.

Slip and Fall Prevention:

#1 – Obey the warning signs. If it says: “wet floor” its there to protect consumers and the property owners liability insurance. In most retail outlets there is a sign at the entrance and exit plus more inside the store.

#2 – Use common sense. If you park in a partially covered structure many cites require the owners to provide all cement stairwells to be covered with a firm, waterproof substance called “anti-slip” stir treads, or step covers. Most parking structures also have minimal lighting and cameras.

#3 – Your personal residence or work place. These days you won’t be able to blame that slip and fall injury on “wax”; it’s rarely used today. So remember a shiny floor at home or in the work place doesn’t necessarily mean a slippery floor.
Here’s a report that may cause you some concern. The leading cause of injury or death can be found in your work place. Over 22 percent of all insurance claims that end up being litigated in court are the result of slip and fall accidents. And if you’re statistically minded, the constructions business leads the parade. Finally knowing the potential slip and fall hazards is the real key in staying safe. Oil, grease, water, ice, or soap in the shower or tub can have you dialing 911. And those old beat up leather shoes or high heels are an accident in the making. So to insure you don’t become the latest statistic victim check this:

High-risk areas to side-step:


  •  Kitchen food preparation areas (think restaurants)
  •  Bath and shower rooms
  •  Elder-care facilities
  •  Any area that gets rained on
  •  Health club pool deck areas
  •  All entrances exits, ramps, stairways in hotels, motels, offices, and other places of transportation.
  • Note: preventive maintenance to avoid a slip and fall accident is time well spent.

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This article was written by T. Beasley, article writer for; Daytona Beach Lawyers specializing in personal injury, auto accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and more.


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