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23290776109 boost confidence way 300x230 Three Modern Ways To Boost Your ConfidenceThere are plenty of traditional ways preached to get you to love yourself: yoga, help a neighbor, volunteering at a homeless shelter, and so on. These methods do help people feel good, but there are also more modern ways to give yourself a quick boost during the week.

As plenty of celebrities have proven, plastic surgery is a long path that can lead to potential self-destruction. However, there are less invasive ways to help feel better about yourself than going under the knife.

Spa Treatments

A spa day can make anyone feel pampered and fresh; a great feeling that makes it hard to feel too down on life. Spa treatments can be anything from an actual spa day to having a foot bath and facial at home.

For the more adventurous, there are a lot of at-home face masks you can make. An easy one to make, and a personal favorite of mine, is oatmeal and honey. Add those two ingredients together into the texture of your preference (varying how much honey or oatmeal to match how you want it to feel), and smear it on your face. After 10 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water and soap or face wash.

Retail Therapy

While most people aren’t able to spend a fortune at the mall, small splurges can make you feel like you’re treating yourself. By refraining from shopping, you save money and it makes the times you do spend money feel all the more special.

A great small splurge can be a new accessory. If money is tight, it can still be affordable. New bangle bracelets or a new necklace can give you that retail therapy without breaking bank. An even smaller expense can be some new lip gloss. Having a new color will spruce up your make up kit and also make you feel like you just treated yourself to something great while typically staying under $5.

Take Care of Your Teeth

One of the first things some of the Jersey Shore cast members did after making money off the reality TV show was get lumineers. While some people mocked them, there was a great idea behind it. Rather than getting expensive facial surgery, teeth can change the way your face looks by giving you a healthy smile.

Cosmetic dentistry sometimes has a negative connotation, but the reality is that procedures tend to be easy and not at all invasive with immediate results. But to get that great feel of taking care of your teeth, you can also get your teeth cleaned by a professional. In either direction, a trip to the dentist, despite the generations of horror stories from little kids, can actually leave you feeling fantastic.

These days, finding time for yourself is the real key to self-confidence. Whether it’s a daily five minute treat or a once a week trip, “me time” is the perfect first step to loving you.

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About the author: Heather B has been helping people boost their confidence all her professional life; she always enjoys sharing this information with others.


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