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823425327308 nexium side effects The True Nature Of Nexium UnmaskedWhat is nexium? Nexium is a drug used to mainly treat erosive esophagitis. It can also be used to check on H.Pylori and therefore reduce the possibility of acquiring duodenal ulcers. The drug is made of the chemical substance esomeprazole magnesium a component that is very dangerous to some of its users. It is manufactured and distributed by the global pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

Erosive esophagitis is a condition developed in the human body in which the patient experiences severe and prolonged heartburns that occur very frequently. This condition makes the patients very uncomfortable as they can not even sleep with such symptoms. Erosive esophagitis is caused by the stomach’s hydrochloric acid, which is meant to digest food, going up the esophagus. This acid eats away the lining of the esophagus and therefore causing severe pains which patients experience as the heartburns. With the introduction of Nexium into the market, many patients suffering from this condition were very happy as they found reprieve in using it. However most of them did not know of the serious health disorders they are exposing themselves to by using this drug.

Side effects of nexium

After continuous usage of Nexium for sometime, patients suffering from erosive esophagitis start to experience very uncomfortable side effects. This has caused some of them to seek medical assistance from medical practitioners to help solve the side effects. These side effects include persistent headaches, stomach disorders, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, deficiency of vitamin B12 and dark urine.

Lawsuit in waiting

Instructing your drug lawyer to file a Nexium lawsuit is the next line of action for patients suffering from erosive esophagitis. Most of the patients who subscribe to Nexium do so without full knowledge of the consequences of taking the drug. This makes the manufacturer liable of not informing these patients about the pros and cons of the drugs. The patients would eventually spend thousands of dollars trying to cure the side effects a factor that could have been avoided had the patients got enough information about the drug before starting to use it. The patients would therefore seek for compensation from the manufacturer.

However most manufacturers of drugs are usually very unwilling to settle the matter out of court or they give the patients raw deals if not within the courts. The patients therefore find it necessary to look for an attorney to file a case in the court. In order to maximize the amount of cash awarded, the patients might want to look for very experienced lawyers who are well conversed with what he law says about drug use. The lawyer ought to be a very good negotiator in order to ensure that he/she makes the maximum out of it. The patient need not worry about the cost of hiring such a lawyer because in the long run the patient will get more money than the one that he/she could have got by hiring a shoddy lawyer. If you are one of the patients who are using or have used Nexium and you feel the side effects, don’t wait any longer, just find a lawyer and file a Nexium Lawsuit.

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