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As austere as the name may suggest, boot camps are actually a great way to power up your life. If you feel that you are constantly down on energy levels, slowly collecting those extra kilograms that mar your looks, or want something more out of your mundane life, you might want to check out a boot camp.

However, before you decide to do so, let us look at some of the pros and cons of participating in a boot camp, and how they may affect the way you live your life today. To begin with, here are some drawbacks that you may want to consider before you enrol for such a program.

Highly disciplined programmes

If you are looking for a fun time, with good food and relaxation, a boot camp is definitely not where you would want to be. You would have to stick to timetables and routines each and every day and be properly disciplined throughout the programme.

Strict food habits

Not only would you do away with most of the junk food items and mouth-watering delicacies, you will also be required to stick to proper healthy meal times each day. You would probably not be allowed to have anything outside the meal times, depending on how strict the programme you have enrolled for is.


Boot camps can be expensive. This of course varies with the people offering such programmes. You may want to do a good bit of research before you finally decide to enrol for such a programme.


You will meet others during the programme and will have to interact with them and socialise through the tenure of the camp. If you prefer privacy, this may not be the best option for you.

Now, let us look at what makes a boot camp so exciting. Here are some advantages of joining such a programme.

Fun Activities and programmes

These programmes generally offer the participants a number of exciting activities. You may go trekking, rafting, rock climbing, swimming, or may even be offered to participate in adventure sports. This makes such camps extremely interesting and fun filled for the participants.

Make new friends

You would get to see a good many new faces and make new friends in such a camp. You may even meet people here who turn out to be friends for life!

Discipline yourself

If you feel that all you need is some motivation to add discipline to your life, a boot camp is probably a really good option for you. You may find the first few days tough. However, with time you actually get tuned and may carry on following the timetables and rules that you have learnt in the camp.

Fitter, happier and healthier

Finally, boot camps are generally designed to get you fitter and healthier. Most people find such programmes extremely refreshing, helping them to regain their physical fitness and see a healthier version of themselves.

Boot camps can help you lose weight, give up addictions, and clear your mind and tone up your body. It all depends on how good the agency is with whom you enrol for the programme.

Emily is a fitness fanatic with a strong interest in health and wellness. Among other hobbies, Emily loves to write, travel and participate in adventure activities. Here she points out some of the advantages and drawbacks of joining a boot camp when you are looking to energise your life.

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