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We often think of Return on Investment (ROI) as a financial term for how much we make in relation to our initial investment. Let’s take a look at a different form of investment. The happiness investment. It’s something we often don’t take into account when we decide to do something new. Ask yourself whether the effort you put into a new activity provides you with the right amount of happiness in return.

The happiness return on investment is something we’ve only had to start considering in modern society. Read on to find out why.

What Happened?

We’re told to do this and that to be happy. We’re told to exercise, take supplements, spend time with the family, take time off work, go on holiday, and attend whatever class we’ve signed up for. You can’t realistically fit all this into an average working week without getting completely burned out.

So all these things which supposedly make us happy end up making us more miserable than before? It doesn’t do much for how you feel. You’ll be stressed, angry, and constantly on edge.

This is where we have to start considering the happiness return on investment.

What is the Happiness Return on Investment?

The happiness return on investment works in the same way as the financial version. Look at what you have to put in, such as an hour of your time and an hour away from TV. What do you get out of it? If you feel happy and it gave you more happiness than watching TV for an hour it’s something you should continue.

You’re making a happiness profit. Now take a look at the opposite. If you find a Pilates class dull and boring this isn’t giving you a profit on happiness. It might be good for you, but if it’s making you miserable it’s not something you should continue to endure.

What You Want

The point is to do what you want. Stop conforming to this ideal about what someone should do to be fit and healthy. If you don’t want to go to yoga class don’t go to yoga class. You can afford to maintain some bad habits without letting your health go.

It’s still important to maintain the pillars of good health and fitness, such as regular exercise and eating well, but change how you achieve your fitness and health aims to suit how you feel.

Why Do It?

You will feel happier if you use this methodology to decide what you want to do. You aren’t being bullied into doing anything and you can mould your schedule accordingly. It also encourages you to try new things. You know there are other options and using this scale you can decide on what works for you.

It’s vital people start taking control of themselves. They need to stop listening to so-called health gurus and personal coaches.

Feeling good about ourselves shouldn’t involving paying for it with your day-to-day happiness. Become your own person and take command again!

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By Lisa melia

As a yogi, green-preneur, healthy living fan and regular visitor to yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Lisa enjoys a very healthy return on her happiness investment. She follows natural health articles such as those featured on My Yoga Online as a source of inspiration.

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