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23908888 hair removal The 5 Most Painful Areas For Hair RemovalMany different methods exist for temporary, long-term, and permanent hair removal, and some of these methods do cause pain in the average person. Variables that might increase the level of pain that a person might experience include the amount of pigmentation in the skin, the number of treatments required, and the lifestyle choices of the person seeking a reduction in hair growth.

Some areas of the body are undoubtedly more painful as far as the forced removal of hair is concerned, and this means that a person wishing to be free of hair for a long time will probably need to be prepared to endure some pain during the procedures. Getting rid of facial hair permanently or never having to shave one’s underarms is often worth the pain that goes along with such procedures.

The most painful areas for hair removal are:

  • 1. The bikini line
  • 2. Under the arm (armpits)
  • 3. Inside the nose (during electrolysis)
  • 4. The upper lip
  • 5. The buttocks

One essential thing to remember about the different ways a person can get hair removed is that popular techniques like those that use a laser will require multiple sessions for total removal. This means that it’s not just a single session where a person will need to deal with the pain, but several sessions over many months.

Variables Impacting Pain and Hair

Each person will experience the removal of hair with a different level of pain and what is particularly painful for one person might not be a big deal to another person. Generally, everyone who goes to get procedures such as laser treatments and electrolysis will usually experience some level of discomfort.

Fortunately, the pain associated with most techniques is only temporary, and many clients will notice that after the procedure is complete, pain is no longer an issue. Sometimes mild discomfort of the treated area may remain, but that ache is short lived.

Reducing Pain During Procedures

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to simply “deal” with the pain that comes along with various hair removal techniques. Although each person who has hair removed will have a different tolerance for pain, these tips should help anyone in reducing the pain experienced:

  • Reduce consumption of caffeine before treatments
  • Get the less painful areas of the body treated first
  • Take a friend along to create a conversational distraction
  • Look into topical anesthetics for numbing assistance
  • Take a nap or relax with meditation before the session

It’s vital to note that the use of numbing creams should only be handled under the direct supervision of a doctor or professional who is experienced with creams. Numbing creams can make their way into the bloodstream and become dangerous if the application of the cream is too liberal.

Although there are several highly tender areas on the body that might react painfully to the removal of hair, the results for such procedures are often worth the pain that goes along with treatments. Taking the time to prepare for treatments and the pain should result in the least painful experiences during the procedure.

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About the author: Diana Chin is a part-time beauty consultant in Singapore and has written several articles surrounding the topic of skincare, Botox and other cosmetic procedures available today. If you enjoyed this article, she recommends reading her previous article “10 After-Care Tips for Hair Removal” or visiting for specialist advice.

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