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Exercise can be fun, you just have to find your outlet; something that you can be excited about. Why not try tennis?
The treadmill is great for those who can plug in their headphones and run for an hour but for those who need a little more action and competition, tennis can be a fun, social exercise that you can do with friends, family or alone.

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A Cardio Exercise
Tennis is a great for cardio exercise as players are constantly moving, burning roughly 408 calories per hour according to This in turn reduces a person’s risk of heart disease caused by poor diet, stress and many other factors. According to the Cleveland Clinic, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and just three hours of cardio exercise per week can lower a person’s risk by up to 50%.

A Mental Game
Another advantage to tennis is that it is not only a full body exercise but a mental workout as well. Tennis requires a player to read their opponent and use tactical thinking, employ hand-eye coordination and much more. It has been proven that engaging in activities where both physical and mental strengths are required can improve memory and social skills. It can also strengthen neuronal connections and build new ones.

Improves Balance and Flexibility
Tennis is a game that involves a lot of lateral movements and requires agility. Every time a player goes for the ball to lob it back over the net they need to use their feet to get into the right position and strategically place their hands on the racquet. They need to reach and use muscle strength to send the ball flying and then quickly revert back to a neutral position and prepare themselves for the next shot. All of this requires coordination, balance and flexibility and the more one plays the better they will get. The great thing about this is that these strengths carry over into everyday life, benefiting a person`s movement on a daily basis.

The Social Aspect
Although you can play tennis alone against a rebound net or a backboard, it is a game typically played with other people. Tennis is its own community and people form bonds and enjoy friendly competition; strengthening emotional health and wellbeing.
So if lifting weights and running on a treadmill just doesn’t sound appealing, pack up the tennis tote and head to the court! Tennis is a great option not only for fitness but for overall wellness. The game can be played at any age and/or skill-level so everyone from juniors, weekend warriors, serious players to those in retirement, tennis is a game that can benefit virtually every person.

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