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Img Exercise 2 300x177 Ten Creative Ways to Exercise to Make Sure You Are Not Bored!

Most of us go to the gym every day in order to stay fit and healthy. In a gym, there are all types of cardio machines such as rowing machine, treadmill, bike, stepper and much more. After exercising on a daily basis on these machines for sometime, it tends to get boring. Even though you do your exercises at home, it can become boring doing the same thing over and over again. Discussed in this article are 10 creative ways to exercise to make sure you are not bored with your training regime while at the same time getting great results.

Have a Potable Gym

Resistance bands and water-filled weights can help you engage in strength training without getting bored. Their portability attributes makes it easier for you to exercise anywhere. This enables you to change your exercising environment at will. If you have been exercising at home for a couple of weeks you can opt to go and carry out your strength trainings in a different environment altogether.

Making Commuting a Workout

This can be a fun way to stay fit and healthy. Once in a while you can decide to walk or cycle to work instead of using public means or driving, if your workplace is close to where you reside. You will be surprised to learn how effective this can be. It will also boost your metabolism for a day’s work.

Hit the Disco

Over the weekends, instead of visiting the gym to exercise you can opt to have fun with your friends in night clubs. While at it, spare several hours to dance; this will be a good way of losing several pounds of unwanted fats in your body. Apart from dancing, some other good exercises you can indulge in are ice skating, rollerblading and so forth.

Exercise Together with Your Friends

Engaging in physical activities with your friends is fun. You can decide to organize a lunch time on site fitness class or take evening walks together. What about playing tennis or other light sports together? It is an enjoyable experience with great results to your body shape and health.


Squeeze in 10 Minutes at a Time

Instead of exercising 30 minutes per day at a go, you can be creative and decide to be doing it in piece-meal basis. For instance, stretch or do press ups in the morning, take a brisk walk of 10 minutes over lunch time and do some weight trainings for 10 minutes in the evening.

Engage in Several Tasks at a Time

What about trying to perform several tasks at a go? For men, this can be a challenge but it can also be done. For instance, do kickboxing moves as you watch the television, talk on the phone while squatting and so forth. These are just creative ways of keeping you fit and healthy.

Dog Walk

Walking with your dog in the morning or in the evening is a super way of losing those extra pounds in your body. Taking a walk with your dog is definitely a fun and exhilarating way of exercising. You can never get bored when you do this yet you tone your body muscles as well as burn extra calories.

Go for Swimming

Swimming is a very effective physical activity that exercises your cardiovascular muscles. Enjoy swimming with friends as you burn calories in your body.

Bike Rides in the Evenings

Grab your spouse and head on out for a bike ride. It is a fun and superb way of burning off the extra calories in your body. It is also a golden opportunity of having quality time together away from your home.

Go for Hiking

It is always fun to go for hiking with friends, colleagues or family. Plan to be going for hiking at least once month and you will see great results in your body.

Once in a while do crazy things like doing an exercise at your maximum speed followed by a very slow workout?

There are other creative ways to exercising; this was just a tip on the iceberg of the workouts you can do as you have fun. They are exercises that will make you always look forward to working out and get great results.

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