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Ever have a headache and do an internet search to find out what’s wrong, only to end up on a ‘diagnosis’ site saying that headaches can be a sign of cancer? It something that is always overblown and taken out of proportion, but not knowing the symptoms for a specific cancer type can be important. It mightn’t just be a headache every day, but there are signs that can guide someone towards knowing they have the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Major Cancer head and neck cancer Symptoms Of Major Cancer Types

Here are some notable signs that someone might have a major cancer types without panicking over the fact they have a bad headache.

Breast Cancer Symptoms
Because of how soft the breast is, any change in how it feels should be met with caution. It could be some skin hardening up or a lump appearing. These are the signs everyone knows about, but there are other causes for concern including an inverted nipple, irregular discharge and a small but very irritable rash appearing.

Kidney Cancer Symptoms
Now this is a ‘popular’ cancer in terms of the number of people diagnosed with it every year, but it is not an easy one to find early. Because of location and function, it can be a case of crossing off many different symptoms of other illness before reaching the conclusion of it being cancer. But notable signs of the disease include bloody urine, a small area of constant pain and discomfort between the upper abdomen and back, a consistent temperature raise and very sudden and extreme weight loss.

Bowel Cancer Symptoms
This very common cancer has symptoms that are very noticeable in the fact that they play havoc with your digestive system, especially when it comes to bowel movements. This can come in the form of rectal bleeding, abdominal pain combining with constant loss of appetite, bloating in the sides and prolonged bloating.

Liver Cancer Symptoms
Numerous bruises and the combination of excessive bleeding and anaemia are the only real signs that a person might have liver cancer. Because of the strain being put on the liver, a person can also expect skin colour to turn a bit on the yellowish side in the same vein as an alcoholic’s might look.

Skin Cancer Symptoms
Your skin is a very resilient thing, and skin cancer usually shows on more exposed areas. The first real signs appear around the face and neck. In most cases the skin will be tough and slightly crusty, although it will feel quite soft still, creating a rather weird feeling. Someone with skin cancer might see a few ulcers slowly grow that aren’t painful at all.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms
A very hard cancer to treat and a very common one too. While it’s the type of cancer that affects more elderly people, signs of the illness can be a feeling of constant heartburn, no appetite, problems with swallowing and blood in the stool. Any of these signs should immediately be reasoning for visiting a doctor as it is commonly diagnosed at a late stage that is hard to treat.

If you’re reading this and want to find out more about symptoms for all cancer types, you can read about it at . This treatment guide run by a private cancer clinic is a great and brief insight in to what to be looking for if you’re worried.

About the author : Jim Hellwig writes about acancer awareness and leading a healthy life on a daily basis. He helps people become aware of what the early signs of disease for companies like The London Onocology Clinic.


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