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Eimg eye care Steps For Maintaining Good Eye Health More than 51 percent of the population of the country has some type of vision problem. These include minor astigmatisms that require eyewear for vision correction and complete blindness due to congenital conditions. Vision problems and vision loss cost the country over $11 billion each year. Problems with vision increase with age. Over 2.5 million people have developed cataracts and 250,000 have glaucoma. One way to help avoid vision problems throughout life is to maintain good eye health through proactive measures. Caring for the eyes involves taking a few simple steps every day in order to reduce the chance of damage.

Diet eye care

The health of the eyes is partially tied to the foods that are eaten every day. The eyes are similar to other organs in the body in that they require the correct vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy. The most important vitamins are A, C and E. Other useful nutrients include lutein, beta-carotene, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. Many of these vitamins and nutrients are absorbed through a balanced and healthy diet. Some foods to eat include dark leafy greens, citrus, beans and fish like salmon. It is important to monitor vitamin A intake since too much could actually cause reddening of the eyes.

Corrective Eyewear for eye care

Individuals with vision issues are normally prescribed eyewear for vision correction. This might be a pair of eyeglasses, bifocals or contact lenses. Taking care of the eyes means wearing corrective eyewear as prescribed by a doctor. Going for long periods without wearing glasses or contact lenses will place unnecessary strain on the eyes. This can cause vision problems over the course of several years and might even result in peripheral problems like headaches. Special care has to be taken with contact lenses since they require regular cleaning and replacement in order to prevent infections and other issues.

Eye Protection

Part of good eye care is physical protection from damage throughout the day. Individuals who are working in dangerous environments will want to wear protective goggles in order to prevent debris from entering the eyes. Protective goggles should be worn even if the risk is very minor. The eyes also require protection against bright lights and ultraviolet light from the sun. Ultraviolet light can cause permanent vision damage or vision loss. Dark sunglasses that are coated to filter ultraviolet radiation are the best form of protection when spending time in the sun.

Regular Checkups

Taking good care of the eyes requires regular visits to an eye care professional. A professional will ensure there are no immediate issues that might require some form of vision correction. A specialist will also look at the deeper health of the eyes to check for the development of degenerative diseases that might affect vision in the future if left untreated. Even a person who already has eyewear for vision correction should visit a doctor since the eyes change slowly over time and might require a different prescription. Annual checkups are good for many people although older individuals might want to visit a doctor more frequently if vision problems develop.

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