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It’s really no secret that motivation is a huge issue when it comes to accomplishing just about anything productive in life. Some people have it figured out, but for most of us finding the motivation can be a lifelong challenge. This applies to exercise, eating right, working, household projects, even maintaining a social life.

Stay Motivated Stay Motivated With These Life Coaching Tips

That’s why so many people turn to a life coach to discover the tools and tips and tricks to stay motivated for anything that happens to come up. The following are some useful life coaching tips that will help you find that motivation when it might not be easy to locate.

Discover Your Motivators

Everyone has their own triggers or motivators that will get them up and going. It’s not always an easy process to discover what yours are, but once you do you’ll be a lot farther along on your quest to be motivated. Generally speaking, people are either motivated to move toward something pleasurable or away from something painful.

Take exercise as an example. You might workout because you want to gain the muscle and lose weight or you may workout because you want to avoid gaining weight or being sick. The end result will be the same, but if you focus on the wrong motivator for you, then it may not get done at all.

Body Language

Most life coaching books and tips include changing your physiology as a means of increasing motivation. If you’re generally unmotivated, you’ll find that you’re probably taking shallow breaths, your shoulders are slumped and you have a blank or frowning expression on your face. By simply recognizing these things and purposely changing them, you can also change your state of mind.

Be Honest with Yourself

You probably won’t find any life coaching manuals that advocate negative self-talk, but you should still be honest with yourself. And that means you must stop making justifications for not getting started on the project or getting to the gym or anything else you wanted to do. Many, or even most people let themselves off the hook far too easily when it comes to doing something that requires motivation. Any stories that you regularly tell yourself about why you aren’t doing something should be sent to the backburner or tossed in the trash.

Discover the True Goal

Life coaching involves getting to the heart of the matter and discovering the true goals you have in mind for yourself. Today’s action may be going to the gym for a workout, but the true goal or overall goal may be to lose 15 pounds or be able to bench press 250 pounds or whatever. Keeping the true goal in mind will also allow you to find other methods that will help you to achieve it. Going to the gym will help you lose 15 pounds, but so will modifying your diet, drinking more water and sleeping better.

Learn to Focus

In order to accomplish anything of consequence in life, you have to learn how to focus. Getting into that ‘focused’ state means that you can shut out most other distractions and devote all your energy and attention to one specific task. Laser focusing on a particular goal is a big part of many life coaching classes and important for motivation.

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