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We’ve all heard the jokes about employees gossiping around the water cooler, and many of us have probably indulged in a little idle chatter there ourselves! But as well as being home of gossip, the water cooler also plays a key role in keeping people hydrated at work.

water dispenser in office Stay Hydrated At Work

Many employees now come to expect a water dispenser in their workplace, and it is only polite to offer clients and guests a drink of fresh water when they come to visit.

Where to place your water dispenser

Water coolers are used by a wide range of people during the working day, so it is important to put your water dispenser in a location where it can be easily accessed by employees and visitors. Placing the water cooler in full view of the rest of the office can be a wise move, because people will be less likely to get caught up chatting if they know they can be seen.

Waiting rooms and receptions are also a popular place for a water dispenser, particularly in organisations like doctor’s surgeries, the dentists or solicitors. Because these companies are client facing, it makes sense to offer a ready supply of fresh and chilled water.

Children benefit from staying hydrated, so schools often place a water cooler or water fountain in the corridors to enable them to keep their fluid levels up throughout the day. Teachers can also benefit from a water dispenser too, although they may want to have their own dedicated machine in the staff room.

The type of water cooler you choose will also have an effect on your chosen location. Bottled water coolers can be placed anywhere with a plug, whereas mains fed water coolers need to be hooked up to the main water supply- this may limit its position.

What type of water dispenser?

Choosing a water cooler can be a bit of a minefield if you do not know what you are looking for, but if you do your research then the perfect machine will be easy to find. There are many different types of water coolers, but they all fit under the category of mains fed or bottled.

Bottled water coolers are exactly how many people imagine a water machine to be- freestanding with a plastic water bottle on top and a supply of paper cups. These are the traditional type of machine, but are not as environmentally friendly as mains fed dispensers.

Mains fed dispensers do not require plastic bottles because they take their water supply straight from the mains. This means there is no need for the ordering, storing or disposing of plastic, which not only saves time and money but helps the environment too. Mains fed water coolers come as a freestanding unit or as a countertop option for small spaces. Many even offer hot water and sparkling water as well as the traditional chilled variety.

Hot water boilers

How water boilers are a great way for workplaces to replace the traditional kettle. Instead of having to fill up a kettle and wait for it to boil, these machines deliver instant hot water when you touch a button. Available as countertop or wall mounted, hot water dispensers can be used to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even instant noodles!

Renting your machine

There are two options when you come to invest in a water machine- renting or buying. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but many companies find that renting is a more cost effective and hassle free solution. When you rent a water cooler, you will not have to pay outright for your machine but will pay an annual fee. Usually this fee will cover the cost of delivery and installation, as well as service visits and sanitation. And if something were to go wrong with your cooler, the repair costs and labour would also be covered under your rental package.

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