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Talking about Stairlifts, When we suffer a stroke or are affected by a condition that affects our ability to get up and down are stairs. We naturally look for a solution, some people change the way they get up and down the stairs by shuffling up and down or not bothering to use the stairs at all. This can turn into a living nightmare and a day to day dread of using the stairs in the house.

Some people move into a room downstairs converting an existing room if they are lucky enough to have the space into a bedroom. Others take the drastic step and sell the house or go into a rest home. So not only having a serious condition but also burdening themselves with a load of stress the last thing you need.

The obvious solution is look to adapt your existing home with a stairlifts.

img Stairlifts fu Stairlifts through social services are they available?

Stairlifts have become very modern in their design and have become very technology savvy. There new designs look a lot better in the home. In the past they suffered a stigma of having a very mechanical look. Because of this they had a bit of a stigma attached to them. Now they are nice designs in choices of colours and nice looking rails that goes on the stair.

They can be expensive with a high upfront cost to have one installed. Depending on your situation you may qualify for help from your local council. You need to weigh up your options first according to your staircase type and financial situation.
Stairlifts vary in cost whether you are going to buy a used or new or rent a lift. All these methods have different conditions attached and pros and cons.

Any kind of disability aid in the United Kingdom is not subject to value added tax. The aid must meet the government’s criteria to qualify. How this is claimed depends on where you purchase the stairlift from. Some manufacturers will help you fill in the necessary paper work to claim back VAT.

The government’s welfare budget is not centrally operated it is distributed to local authorities. These have different policies for grants. So it depends on where you live if you qualify for financial help.

Chances are if you suffer a permanent disability you will be able to get help. If you suffer from a non-permanent condition it can be quite complex. Unfortunately this is the case when dealing with government departments and trying to obtain money!
It will depend on your condition if you are exempt from VAT and you can get financial assistance for converting your home for access. It’s best to check with your local authority if there are grants available.

Some stairlift companies also offer payment terms this can help if you do not have all the capital upfront to buy a lift. I would not advise buying a second hand stairlift this may prove difficult if it has been removed wrongly from where it was installed before. Sourcing missing parts and getting it installed will probably be more trouble than what it was worth.

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  1. Dr Neil Stirling MB ChB says:

    The isue of funding of stairlifts through social is a complex one. Even successful applications can result in delays of many months or even up to two years. Sometimes on approval, local authorities then do not have the funds to pay for the lift. Other forms of asistance, some not obvious exist.
    Please see my own website for details, and also the grants section of my hosting company’s site –
    Also when a local authority aproved a stairlift installation but claims not to have funds to do it, wrte to yuor MP or local newspaper and ask for attention to this.
    A family in Walsall did this some years ago and ended up having a free lift supplied. Search for
    ‘free stairlift walsall’ – for the full story.

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