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We always want our children to play outside, but then we’re paranoid about them getting hurt. Some health care professionals say that sunburns that people receive as children are the most likely to turn into skin cancers. Here are some ways you can keep your children safe from the elements when they play outside.

Sun Screen

child Weatherproof Some Tips To Weatherproof Your Child

Of course, we must start with sun screen. Protecting children’s delicate skin from sunburn is extremely important. However, the greasy film from sunscreen makes kids miserable, because dirt, sand, hair, and other debris will stick to them. You can mitigate some of this by putting sunscreen on the kids at least 30 minutes before they go outside. You’re supposed to do this, anyway, so that the sunscreen has a chance to soak in and do its job – it’s not ready to protect your child’s skin right away. This wait also helps the oiliness to dissipate, so that the children are not as sticky.


There are many effective ways to provide shade for the child playing in the sun. Arbors covered with pretty flowers, umbrellas, and trees can keep the child in shade so that he can enjoy his time outdoors. However, don’t underestimate the benefit of a bonnet! A nice hat can protect a child’s head from direct sun, which is particularly helpful with toddlers who still haven’t grown a lot of hair. It also protects the top of the child’s ears, which can blister quickly.


Face it – kids like to run around barefoot. But this can be one of the most unhealthy things they can do. Even in the summer, children need to have some kind of covering on their feet, even if it is the cooler sandal. Grass burrs and thistles can certainly hurt, but even worse, they can leave barbs that become infected. These often require surgery for removal. Shoes will also protect your child’s feet from hot sidewalks and asphalt, and in the winter, shoes can help prevent frostbite and further damage to the child’s feet.

Cold Weather

Keeping your child safe in cold weather no longer requires piles and piles of bulky clothing. There is a wide selection of light-weight, thermal clothing available for people of all ages. Keep in mind, too, that most of our body heat escapes through the top of our head. Remember to keep the extremities covered: feet should have shoes on them while the child is outdoors, keep a hat on the child to reserve body heat and protect the ears, and mittens or gloves will protect the skin on the child’s hands from contact with frosty surfaces.



child Weatherproof 2 Some Tips To Weatherproof Your Child

Letting your child splash in the rain can be one of the most enjoyable benefits of parenting. But, keep in mind that water rushing down a gutter can knock a child off of his feet, escalating the situation to that of life-threatening. Debris in the water can cut feet, so remember the shoes.

With the proper wardrobe and attention to the climate, your child can be safe in the elements.

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