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Small business is big business Did you know that there are 4.8 small businesses in the UK? And according to figures from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) the SME category of business organisation is responsible for the employment of 23.9 million people. So it’s no wonder that the government are looking at ways to keep this sector as buoyant as it can possibly be, since it’s such an integral – as well as vital – part of the country’s economy. SMEs are involved in all kinds of business areas, from corner shops to window cleaning firms to IT and tech startups – and there is such diversity in the sector that the term SME doesn’t really refer to anything other than the number of employees this size of business has.

small bussines Small Business And Heath Resources

The three SME types generally referred to are: Micro – those with between one and nine employees Small – SMEs with 10 to 49 employees Medium – 50 to 249 staff The combined turnover for businesses this size in the UK is ?1500 billion. So, small business is big business. SME productivity Aside from all the tools that help enhance efficiency, such as cloud storage, teleconferencing, ever-more powerful computers and sophisticated software, there is also the effect of wellbeing on a company’s levels of productivity. The NHS Health at Work site states that the ‘key drivers’ for businesses focussing on health and wellbeing while ‘taking proactive steps to help their employees’ are as follows:

  • Helping to minimise the rate of sickness absence
  • Optimise productivity levels
  • Increase their competitiveness by being an ’employer of choice’. Recruiting the best staff – as well as retaining them – makes sense for any business.
  • Engaging staff and thereby increasing the workforce’s interest in the organisation’s success

Health resources for SMEs It’s fair to say that with the speed of the change provided by the internet, there has been an attendant exponential rise in the number of resources for wellbeing available for SMEs. From websites to apps to online training, there is an abundance of choice for business owners looking to initiate positive change in terms of workplace health. For advice, there’s the NHS Health At Work service, which offers a free information service for small business, focussing on all the health issues that affect the workplace. And if you’re looking to write up a health and wellbeing strategy, the Health & Safety Executive and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development both have clear and useful pages on this topic, which are a good place to start. One recently launched service by AXA PPP business health insurance – the Employee Health Gateway – allows staff to build their own health, fitness and nutrition schedules as well as offer motivation and the chance to look at all areas of healthy living. It’s this kind of individualised service that can really help to effect healthy living engagement. And with all the Android and Apple apps for specialist fitness pursuits such as long-distance running and gym exercises, we’re definitely entering an era where interactivity is becoming an integral part of health and fitness for a great many people.

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