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We know nicotine is something which can poison people if ingested in large or concentrated amounts. Vaping can also cause nicotine poisoning if you do it too much. By too much, we’re talking about using your eCig from dawn until dusk. This is something you simply wouldn’t do. If you make a mistake, such as with refilling your cartridges, you should look out for any signs of nicotine poisoning.

nicotine Signs Of Nicotine Poisoning And What You Should Do

Handling Nicotine

If you’re a DIY vaper and you prefer to refill your cartridges and do everything yourself, wear gloves when handling high concentrations of nicotine. Remember to wash yourself thoroughly afterwards. Nicotine molecules are very heavy and penetrative. If you had a solution of nicotine with a concentration of 100 per cent, you could poison yourself by spilling it on your hand.

The nicotine molecules will break through your skin and penetrate right to the heart of your body. It’s why pure nicotine is only used under strict lab conditions.

Nausea and Feeling Dizzy

You might have nicotine poisoning if you start to feel nauseous or dizzy. This means the brain has failed to keep your coordination skills in order because it’s concentrating on the high amounts of this foreign substance in your body. Some light dizziness doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong.

Some people contract the same symptoms if they’re sitting in an enclosed space with a tobacco smoker. Go outside and get some fresh air. If the symptoms disappear after a few minutes you’re fine.

Salivation and Pain

Your saliva glands might create more saliva if you’ve suffered from nicotine poisoning. This is normally accompanied by abdominal pain. The nicotine has become an obstruction and your body is trying to get rid of it. The molecules are too big for the body to digest and absorb them as they would with food. Instead, the body wants to eject them. This is why you feel nauseous.

Run Don’t Walk

Depending on the severity of your nicotine poisoning, you might need to call an ambulance. If you feel like you’re well enough to make it to the hospital make your own way there. Get someone to help you. Driving isn’t a good idea if your motor skills are impeded. Dizziness isn’t contusive to safe driving.

If your neighbour is available ask them to drive you. If there’s nobody around, call the emergency 999 number and someone will arrive to take you to A&E.

What’s the Treatment?

The treatment for nicotine poisoning isn’t pleasant. You’ll have a tube inserted into you and they’ll wash out your stomach. Stomach pumping isn’t comfortable and the next few hours will involve lots of discomfort. Activated charcoal may also be used to block any further nicotine absorption.

The hospital will employ a supportive treatment. The body is allowed to take its natural course. The drugs used as part of your treatment are there to make sure you don’t have any complications, such as seizures.

Luckily, the long-term effects of nicotine poisoning are practically non-existent. Those who do have complications tend to have pre-existing medical conditions.

About Author : Today’s guest post is written by Zack Benson. He is a freelance writer who writes on a myriad of topic. He recommends the use of Electricig e ecigarette to people who are trying to quit smoking and are looking for a healthier substitute.
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