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When it comes to buying nail polish remover, many of us will simply pick up a bottle of whatever solution is the least expensive or go with the same brand that we have used for years without giving the purchase a second thought. But have you ever noticed that some polish removers contain an ingredient known as acetone while others will have non-acetone printed on the bottle?  What does this mean and is there really a major difference between the two?


Acetone is an ingredient that is added to nail polish remover that allows the polish to come off much easier. However it can cause more damage to your nails over time so choosing a non-acetone product will be a much more gentle solution and especially good for individuals who have dry or brittle nails. Acetone is a clear substance that gives nail polish remover its signature strong scent. It is also highly flammable and as many people have found out after having an accident or two, can destroy plastic and some wooden surfaces. Therefore it is easy to understand how it can cause such damage to your nails if used frequently.

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 Non acetone

Non-acetone nail polish remover contains ethyl acetate that is made from a combination of ethanol and acetic acid. This chemical is also colorless and flammable but does not have the same strong scent as acetone and isn’t nearly as harmful to your nails (or your furniture!).

The type of nail polish remover you choose to use should depend on several factors. If you have strong, healthy nails and are not constantly adding and removing polish to them, then it wouldn’t hurt to use a product that contains acetone. It does allow you to remove the polish much faster and if you wear glitter polish often, it will remove this very stubborn form of polish from your nails much easier. That is because all of the chemicals that are used to create the fun, sparkly glitter polishes make it much more difficult for the polish to break down in order to be removed with a non-acetone product.

If your nails aren’t very healthy, you’re having trouble growing them out and they break off easily, then you will want to stick with a non-acetone nail polish remover. Some of these removers contain additional ingredients that will help to improve the strength of your nails as an added bonus. It may take a little longer for the non-acetone brands to break down the polish so that it may be removed but it is the best solution for sensitive or brittle nails. Plus you do not have to inhale the strong odor that is associated with acetone remover.

So the next time you are at your local drug store or department store and it is time to pick up a new bottle of nail polish remover, take a moment to look over all of the choices that are available to you. If you would like for your nails to be stronger and healthier looking, try to find a product that contains ingredients which will help to soften your cuticles and more resilience and shine to your nails.

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