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Every year there is a new weight loss product in the market that offers magical effects on fat reduction but over the time these products perish as their ineffectiveness is proved through customer testimonials and scientific studies. But one such product that has managed to stay on the top and has withstood the test of time is Proactol. It was introduced a few years back as a replacement to a diet pill known as Xenecal. Since the use of Xenecal required a prescription from a doctor, it was not feasible for over the counter sale.

Proactol weight loss product Reviewing Proactol

In this article we will discuss the effectiveness, side effects and the working mechanism of Proactol that makes it such a huge success and a hit amongst those looking for a change in their lives.

  • Made of Prickly pear fruit:

Proactol is made from the extract of prickly pear fruit. Even though such usage of the fruit is a new concept but its positive health effects were well known to the Native Americans as they have eaten it as a part of their diet for many centuries.

Prickly pear is also known by many other names, in scientific terminology it is known as Opuntia ficus-indica.

  • Heritage of Proactol:

As already mentioned, Proactol is made from the extract of prickly pear fruit. The medicinal properties of the prickly pear fruit have been well known to the Native American people. The fruit is mentioned in many scriptures and has been known to be very effective at treating wounds and inflammation of the digestive system and urinary tract.

  • Working mechanism of Proactol:

Proactol is basically a fat binder. A fat binder binds to the fat present in the food and prevents it from being absorbed in to the blood stream. Proactol is based on the same principle. As soon as you take Proactol it forms a thick and viscous gel like fluid in the stomach. This gel like fluid then readily binds to the fat present in the food and hence prevents its breakdown in to fatty acid that can be absorbed in the blood stream. As a result of this binding the net fat absorption is reduced significantly.

Less fat absorbed means lower cholesterol levels and higher metabolic rate. A major advantage of taking Proactol is that it doesn’t limit your diet. You can eat anything you like without giving much regard to the no of calories present in the food.

Another advantage of taking Proactol is that it helps you in controlling your appetite. The gel like substance formed after the ingestion of Proactol gives you a fuller feeling and helps you in your fight against food cravings.

  • Side effects of Proactol:

Proactol is an organic product. It is completely natural and is free of any additives. As a natural product there are no known side effects. The gel like fluid formed after the ingestion of Proactol doesn’t gets absorbed in the blood stream and gets removed from the body as a constituent of the fecal matter.

About the author : Ferne Costa is an writer with expertise in health and fitness. She loves to write articles and reviews on Proactol plus.
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