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Resistance bands were created as a muscle toning exercise aid; they are extremely strong rubber bands that are pulled to train specific muscle groups. They have been quickly gaining popularity as they give a certain amount of flexibility to a workout routine with their portable nature and easy use. It is possible to purchase bands of all different pound resistance levels; this is altered by the thickness and the width of the band adding or relieving pressure when pulling against them. They can also be purchased in different lengths to accommodate all different exercise regimes and the varying muscle groups that different types of athlete may want to train. They can also help to prevent common sports injuries such as rotator cuff tears or joint strains which can be caused by a muscle imbalance.

The bands have a plethora of different uses, the best known of which is weight training but there are many more such as; stretching, aerobics, flexibility exercises, speed and agility training, jumping, rehabilitation, prehabilitation and general conditioning. They are excellent for muscle conditioning no matter what level you are working at. They are also a great way to improve your muscle movement, for example if you are a golf or a tennis player these bands can work the right set of muscles to help your swing gain a fair amount of power.

Resistance training is an intrinsic part of weight training and where bands are concerned the resistance comes from the bands themselves. They are far more user-friendly than your usual weight lifting paraphernalia since these are far lighter, much more portable, and are typically just generally easier to use. If you want to exercise but have little time or if you are just starting out, these are a really great way to get going. They can be fit in whenever you have time and since they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and strengths there is something for everyone.

This form of exercise was first put into practice in the early 1900s and the first ever resistance bands were made from surgical tubing. At this point they were rarely used for exercise but instead were used almost entirely for rehabilitation purposes. They didn’t make their big come back until the 1990s and again were mostly used for rehabilitation by physiotherapists. It’s only as recent as the last 5 years that they have come into use as exercise equipment. This was when they started to be manufactured in all different shapes and sizes. For a long time professionals turned their noses up at the resistance band and thought of them as something only used as a rehabilitation tool but soon they started to be featured in exercise magazines and they exploded onto the professional circuit.

Resistance bands are not only easier to use but they are far more cost effective. For busy young professionals who perhaps don’t have time or don’t want to spend money on a gym or gym equipment, they are perfect. This may be why they have recently become quite so popular.

This blog post was prepared as part of a series which focusses upon the use of Resistance Bands as part of a keep fit routine.

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