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You probably have heard about the slangs bingo wing and flabby flapper. And no, they aren’t referring to any kids’ cartoon character or any other thing for that matter. They are the other names for sagging arms or arm flabs.

Arm flabs are the loose skin and sagging musculature at the top of your arms. It doesn’t do that much but it can certainly mine your confidence and stop you from wearing your other clothes for the fear that this might look unsightly given the sagging arms. But then this is a natural phenomenon in your body.

Flabby arms are often caused by weight loss, excess stored fat in the arms, and other things. It can be remedied by surgery and other toning exercises.

Reduce Your Arm Flabs through Exercise

The arm toning exercise may be of help to you if done constantly and in regular basis. Mostly it is focused in toning and building up muscles and strength. These exercises that you may choose should build biceps, triceps and shoulders. Here is some known exercise to help you:

  1. Triceps kickbacks. Triceps kickback should make use of weights that are suitable for your fitness level. Hold both weights in both hands and bend at your waist. Keep upper arm next to your torso and bend your elbows at 90 degree. Then straighten arm with the weight in your hip. Repeat this in three sets for 10-15 times each set.
  2. Diamond push up. It is like your ordinary push up position except that you will be putting your thumbs and pointer finger together forming a diamond. This type of push up will put more stress in your biceps. Putting more stress to your biceps will strengthen muscles and tone them. You can do this as many as you can.
  3. Triceps press. What you should do here is to lie down in your back in a bench. Each of your hand should be holding weights. Bend elbows as you raise your hand to your ears. Then extend it upwards in the air. Do it for three sets for fifteen times.
  4. Triceps extension. One should stand for the first position. In one hand use weight and raise it above your head. After that lower the weights and have it behind your head. Extend your hand back over and do it repeatedly for three sets. 15 times per set.

These exercises here are focusing on upper arm strength. Make sure that you do it 10 minutes per day. You will realize later that it will pay off. But before doing these routines, try to warm up and stretch up to avoid strain later. Stretch outs are also recommended after the routine. But of course you can’t do it without the proper diet. They should be together.

Reduce Arm Flabs through Surgery

You may find it hard to do the routines above or you may be doing it for a long time but you can’t seem to achieve your dream arms. Brachioplasty or the arm lifts surgery helps improve the contour of arms and lessen the sagging of the skin. This surgery is okay for those with stable weight but not advisable for those who have diagnosed medical conditions.

Sometimes arm lift is performed in conjunction with liposuction too. Here is the checklist to know if you are a likely candidate for the procedure:

  • You have small amount of fat.
  • You have sagging skin.
  • You aren’t happy with the way your arm looks
  • You are hindered from wearing clothes you wanted

Brachioplasty is done in many ways. You can have short scar brachioplasty or a full brachioplasty. This depends on your case. Usually, bruising and swelling will be expected for the first two weeks. Numbness as well as moderate discomfort should be expected. After two weeks, this will start to lessen. If you had the surgery you will be asked not to lift any hard objects for six weeks.

Benefits of Toned Arms

Once you’ve reach your ideal arms, no more sagging skin and loose muscles, you may feel much confident than before. You may also be more comfortable in wearing arm baring clothes too. Bikinis are also an arm away; you may have them without inhibition. But of course once you achieve this, you have to maintain it too. Do more exercise, eat healthy and don’t let those sagging arms come back!

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