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You were just diagnosed with low testosterone. What do you do? You could ignore it, thereby accepting the growing gut, balding head and horrible bouts of exhaustion, or you could try to supplement it. There are many different types of testosterone creams and even some synthetic ones, but that’s not what could be best for you.

What is topical testosterone?

Topical testosterone is also known as a transdermal application of testosterone.It means that you are applying it to the skin and it is absorbed through your pores. Topical testosterone usually comes in the form of a gel or a cream and the packaging can vary greatly. Do your research into the best type that fits your circumstances and lifestyle to ensure that you are working with the product that is right for you. Reading testimonials online and searching for videos and medical articles can help increase your knowledge help you make a more educated decision about the process. You never know, you may find out that a cream is not for you.

Some versions come in pump form, and others look more like a tube of deodorant.You may find them in a squeeze bottle, a tub or something that looks like toothpaste or a bottle of lotion. There are even single use packets that can be disposed of after each use. As you can see, with many options available you should be all set. You can put it in your suitcase and carry it to work, or schedule your treatments early in the morning or late at night. If you are considering topical testosterone there are a few things you should consider.

Make sure you are taking the proper dose:

It is important to ensure that the proper dose is applied to your body (check packaging instructions and suggested dosing). Next, you should always make sure that the topical testosterone is applied correctly.How should you apply it? Make sure it is applied to a large and especially porous part of your body like your inner thighs. Rub the cream or gel into your body and ensure that the topical testosterone is thoroughly absorbed. It may feel a little bit slick but there should be no thick residue after you have applied it.Wash your hands thoroughly, as it can be easy to transmit the hormone from human to human contact or to animals.You do not want a child, dog or girlfriend to begin experiencing effects of topical testosterone! Also avoid making love while waiting for the cream to absorb. Not only will the sweat make the hormones leave your body at a rapid pace, but you don’t need to rub the cream all over your partner. The last thing you need to see is your woman growing a beard. Just kidding, but not really. If someone doesn’t need testosterone supplements, taking extra could cause unwanted side effects.

Next, you will want to make sure that you do not take a shower, sweat, take a sauna or go for a swim within two hours after application.If you get the affected area wet, or perspire the hormone will wear off your skin and it will not have the desired effect. The topical testosterone will have fully been absorbed after about six hours (results will vary depending on the product you purchase, always check and confirm with the label).

The bottom line:

Topical testosterone can be a boon for anyone who is looking to easily and discreetly increase their testosterone levels. It is easy and simple to do and requires very little effort. When used consistently, topical testosterone can increase outlook on life, love life, physique, health and general wellness. Always consult with a doctor about proper dosages and what kind of treatment may be right for you

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