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Along with competent physical therapists, high quality physical therapy equipment is also needed for the efficient conduct of physical therapy treatments.

Physical therapy is mainly concerned with remedial and rehabilitation measures to the body. The former deals with trauma, injuries, or shocks to the body system which are reversible to flexing and muscle movements to improve mobility. Rehabilitation has something to do with boosting the functionality of body parts which has been impaired by old age or disability. The aid of physical therapy equipment can only do so much for effective physical therapy training.

A good physical therapy equipment must, first of all, be durable. Since most of this equipment is used for support of the patient, they must be made of good quality materials so that it can support varying weight. Among the physical therapy equipments where durability is the standard of quality are crutches, cervical traction, portable massage tables, and orthopedic supports and braces. These are meant to hold up the weight of the patient to facilitate mobility and flexibility.

Several physical therapy equipment are akin to an exercise machine such as the stretching equipment, sit and reach boxes, pedal exercisers, and mobility scooters. Their reliability and user friendliness are a must. Taking into consideration that they are being used by disabled or people of advanced age, the structure must be simple and not complicated. Of course, with the assistance of the physical therapists they can be used with much efficiency too.

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