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AustinPUG Health

Are you a famous and an effective personal trainer? Of course you are. Else you wouldn’t be reading this review. Kidding aside, you came to this post because you are a personal trainer like me who already has a few clients and been having trouble in managing your schedules. Well you’re lucky because I am generous enough t share my personal experience about a very effective tool for the in-demand personal trainers like us.

PT Portal Online Training App

I am talking about the Personal Training Portal Revolutionary Training Application. PT Portal is an online application particularly designed for personal trainers. This technology has built in features to modernize client’s personal training experience with the trainer.

The PT Portal personal training software is created with time saving features, online booking and payment, workout records, and personal progress and goal achievement records that allow trainers to demonstrate their technical expertise. Every time you register a client on in the PT Portal, each will get their own online training application which will be connected to yours in a social media, modern design. With this, both the trainer and the clients will be able to track the progress as the latter achieves their goals. You can also share their achievements with friends. This can be motivating to them, as it can allow their friends to encourage them to continue the work out. It can be an advantage for you as a trainer too. It will show how effective you are and will motivate your client to go back in training under your supervision and to encourage others as well to join.

There are actually more features that other apps for personal trainers don’t have. You will discover them as you start using the PT Portal online training application. Perhaps start by establishing an impressive profile by listing your achievements, qualifications, training procedures, fees, and etc.

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