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2329077876 eye lift 197x300  On Overview Of The Eyelift ProcedureUndergoing a procedure to lift the eyelid through surgery is often done for cosmetic reasons, but there are some conditions that can be treated through eyelid surgery. Before deciding whether the procedure is right for you, learn more about what can be treated and how the procedure is done.

What is an Eyelift Procedure?

Surgery performed on the eyelid that is intended to remove excess skin and eliminate bagginess is referred to as an eye lift procedure. Known in the medical community as blepharoplasty, folds and puffiness can be removed through the procedure by removing fatty deposits around the top eyelid. Loose skins and wrinkles on the lower eyelid are typically removed during the procedure to remove the appearance of bagginess.

 An Overview of the Eye lift Process

Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be done in a hospital or in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. The entire process takes approximately two hours. Sedation may be used depending on how many eyelids will be worked on during the process. Local anesthesia is administered through an injection around the eye if intravenous sedatives are not used.

Incisions are made in the skin of the eyelid to allow the surgeon to separate the skin from the muscle and tissue underneath. This lets the surgeon access fatty deposits for removal. Sutures are used to close the eyelid after the fatty deposits have been removed, and most patients do not need to have these sutures in for more than one week.

Scarring from the incision is rare because of the small size of any cuts that are made. Patients cannot drive directly after surgery, so a friend or family member must come along to the hospital or doctor’s office to take the patient home.

Swelling and dry eyes are common after surgery. These side effects tend to last only one to two weeks. Surgeons recommend that patients take at least one week off of work in order to recover from eyelid surgery. Many patients find that the pain experienced following an eye lift is mild, and medication for pain is rarely needed for more than three days.

Reasons To Opt For an Eyelift

The most popular reason for an eye lift is to improve the appearance of the eye. Surgery can remove the puffiness under the eye and lessen the appearance of wrinkling on the upper eye.

However, older patients may require an eye lift to remove sagging skin that interferes with their ability to see. If there is enough extra skin on the upper eyelid, it is possible for this skin to block the eye in a way that impedes vision.

Eyelid surgery is primarily a cosmetic procedure that is occasionally used to improve eyesight in older patients. The outpatient surgery is completed in approximately two hours, and complete recovery from an eye lift takes about two weeks. One week of rest is required for most patients, so anyone who is considering an eye lift should ensure that they can take a week off of work following the surgery.

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About the author: Maria Lopez is a Toronto based beauty blogger. She has undergone an eyelift procedure herself and knows what to expect.


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