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Every time I leave the house to satisfy my Starbucks addiction I’m reminded that we live in a fast food nation. Even the reports of Whoppers made of horse meat aren’t shocking enough to convince my friends to consider healthier alternatives.

Each week it’s the same. I show up at my kid’s soccer practice with big, healthy green drink in hand while my girlfriends arrive with bags from Panera, Chipotle, McDonalds and Wendy’s. Sure, they’re all eating salads and things from the so-called healthy menu, but they still wonder why they feel so sluggish and gross.

I used to feel just as cruddy as my girlfriends. Of course, I was eating the same sort of convenient, on-the-go, drive-through food as I made my way from one place to the next. Then my doctor suggested I start drinking my meals.

With just a little planning ahead, I’m able to prep a whole day’s worth of meals – each one different and satisfying – and save money while doing it. Better yet, I’m able to enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, whole food.

A Day of Dining

  • Breakfast – I like to start with a basic smoothie recipe of ripe berries and plain yogurt. This on it’s own will give a fantastic boost of energy to start the day, but I also like to add a bit of flaxseed, honey and wheat germ to keep me feeling satisfied and fueled up till lunch time.Experiment with adding chunks of tofu, coconut water, and frozen fruit to your morning breakfast smoothie to keep it interesting and energizing.
  • Lunch – Have one of those jobs that makes it difficult to sneak out for lunch? Try drinking your lunch instead. Take all the stuff you’d love on a salad – kale, baby romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, squeeze of lemon, flax seeds, sesame oil – and toss it into a blender. Blend till smooth, then pour into a travel mug with a good strong seal. A double-walled thermos works well, or you can store your drink in the fridge at work. Give it a good shake, then sip your way through a delicious lunch salad.
  • Snacks – Not all meals on the go need to be blended into a juice or smoothie. To keep afternoon cravings at bay, carry along some apple slices, a few flax crackers and a small wedge of cheese. To help remind myself to meditate each day, I like to find a quiet place to relax while letting a bit of organic dark chocolate melt on my tongue.
  • Dinner – I like to keep dinner as my lightest meal of the day, just so my body doesn’t have to work so hard when it comes to digestion. Most nights I like to eat a bit of quinoa with a salad on the side, but for those busy nights when I know I’m going to be doing a lot of running around I like to prepare a savory smoothie ahead of time. Rather than packing up on sweet fruits, I add bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes and carrot juice to kale, tree spinach, and basil. By adding hot water to the mix I end up with a savory soup I can sip as I drive from one errand to the next.
  • Evening Snack – What can I say, I’m human, late night cravings happen. To satisfy my evening munchies, I like to eat a big of homemade granola sprinkled on top of plain yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s every bit as tasty as a bowl of cereal with none of the guilt.Homemade granola is extremely easy to make, simply toss oats with honey and a dash of cinnamon, bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, stirring frequently until golden brown. I like to make large batches with my kids so we can have it on hand throughout the week

Support Your Community, Buy Local, Buy Organic 

When it comes to the best source of optimal nutrition, reach for food that’s as close to fresh as possible. This means sticking to the produce section of your grocery, joining a CSA, or frequenting your local farmer’s market. Consider buying bulk as well for the lower price per pound, much of your “ugly” produce can go into juices, smoothies and stews. 

Of course optimal nutrition isn’t just about what you put in your body, your natural approach should extend to how you treat your skin. Stock up on bananas and avocados as well, when they get over-ripe they make amazing facial masks that bring nourishment to your skin. And for your daily skin care routine be sure to buy organic all natural skin care products.

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Written by Sophie Evans. Sophie Evans is a self-confessed Starbucks junkie who works from home as a freelance writer. As a mother of two, she spends her days hanging out with her lively children. When she began to notice the effects that menopause was having on the complextion of a friend of hers, she looked at sites like to get the most up-to-date information available on skincare for aging skin and wrote a series on a natural approach to skin care.


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