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The decision to stop smoking could be one of the best a person could make. It seems like a very taxing process, and there are some awful side effects that unfortunately just come as part and parcel of quitting the nicotine.

These could be minor things such as fatigue, stress, weight gain, anxiety, sweating and more. The good thing is these will only last a matter of a few days. The thought of quitting smoking seems daunting, but it can be done through many herbal and natural methods.

stop smoking Natural Remedies To Stop Smoking


There are various herbs that can be used in order to aid the stressful symptoms that come as part of stopping smoking. Valeriam for example is a powerful herb that relieves muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety and stress. The positive outcome of this herb is that when utilised, it may not help the cravings, but relieves the physical discomfort that takes over the body.


Exercising is a very beneficial method to relieve and aid in the process of stopping smoking. Exercise, regardless of smoker status, provides an extremely effective form of stress relief, and so will help in the stressful process. Not only does it minimise stress, but it is good for you, contradicting the ‘weight gain’ side effect. Taking part in exercise will also take your train of thought from the poisonous, expensive, taxing habit of those nicotine sticks.



Meditation is a very useful technique to acquire. It requires little skill and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Meditation is proven to lower stress levels, help combat cravings, improve overall health, aid in getting a healthy sleep pattern and understanding your own mind. Lowering stress and aiding in sleep is great, as again these are some of the negative effects of quitting.

Getting to know yourself and how your mind works will also allow you to understand why you are getting the cravings and consolidate the reasons you have chosen to quit, therefore encouraging further progress.

Yoga could also be considered an accessible method of training yourself to understand your own mind.


When craving a cigarette, a good method to overcome the craving is to consume something else – in other words, substituting it for something else.

If you feel a craving coming on, eating something that contains sugar will allow the craving to fade away and provide you with energy. This is, however, no means a promotion of unhealthy eating, as the best things to eat are those of which are naturally high in sugar such as fresh fruit.

Habitual changes – such as omitting a regular daily routine from your lifestyle and switching what you do – could prove useful. If you eat meals and then have a cigarette after, eating and then doing some exercise or meditation practise, will help to slow down cravings. This comes as a result of a cycle, if the body consumes a certain thing at a specific time each day, it is more likely to adapt to this regularity.

Quitting smoking is all too often commonly associated with big branded products that are expensive and forced upon the consumer through the medium of cigarette advertising.

The money-making schemes of things like chewing gum and patches containing nicotine are pushed as the only true methods of being able to stop smoking. But as you can see, there are several more (and easier) ways of naturally banishing the cravings from your body.

Can you provide any other natural remedies that can help you stop smoking, Please share in the comments.

About Author : Danielle Sephton is an online blogger who enjoys writing on controversial matters. She writes here for Dr Fox.
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