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Amongst all the nutritional supplements out there, only a few strive for greatness. Let me start of by talking about one of my favorites.

Spirulina nutritional supplements green smoothie My 5 Top Choices In Nutritional Supplements


Spirulina, which is jammed packed with super protein. A huge plus for you non meat eaters, like myself. Personally, I prefer the powder mix version of Spirulina, that way I can blend it with various fruits and ice to create a thirst quenching smoothie.

Chocolate flavored nutritional supplements

Within my green drinks I also like my chocolate flavored nutritional supplements. That’s where Muscle Milk Naturals comes into play. Not only does it have twenty essential vitamins and minerals, if you are as busy as I am trying to make a living. Muscle Milk is a great meal replacement. When I make it I prefer to mash in two ripe bananas and some organic acai sweetener for extra energy.

Herbal Life shakes

Now if you want more variety try Herbal Life shakes, they come in seven different flavors. The beauty of Herbal Life is it doesn’t contain probiotics, so you won’t get bloated or gassy. That is a huge plus in my book. There is nothing worse than unpleasant gas when you are at a conference meeting with a potential client.

But now you ask, “what about my children”?

That is were I would recommend Balanced Essentials, mix it with milk and kids will not even begin to notice the difference. Also neurologists recommend it for kids with apraxia. Balanced Essentials always helped to increase my energy regardless of the situation.

Ok, we covered children, but what about some of you out there who don’t like protein shakes or milk for that matter.

Now Foods Nutritional Yeast

At this point I would recommend a vegetarian favorite Now Foods Nutritional Yeast. This nutritional supplement was designed to be mixed with salty foods. Say What? I know scientist will think of everything. But, by all means do not ever mix Now Foods Yeas Flakes with milk or fruity shakes. I would recommend mixing it with popcorn, soup, or salads. Adding salt to your food also helps. Overall Yeast Flakes have a mild flavor with no bitterness, what more could you ask for. Picky eaters beware you will not be able to resist this product.

Sensa Complete Nutritional Supplements

So you have tried everything now and you want to go to the next level. Then you should check out Sensa Complete Nutritional Supplements. Some people don’t see any difference in relation to other products, but others rave about it. There is a convenience factor the product comes in small packages making it easy to make. Simply sprinkle it on whatever you eat, don’t worry there won’t be any weird aftertaste.

USP Labs Jack 3D Advance Formula Nutritional Supplement

There is one last supplement I wanted to mention, it’s called USP Labs Jack 3D Advance Formula Nutritional Supplement. Be Careful when taking USP Labs Jack 3D, some people have reported not being able to sleep after taking it. Perhaps because it was initially intended for those who are into extreme workouts. Earlier versions of this product were unstable, but they got it right now, unfortunately the taste had to be altered. Their classic fruit punch flavors tend to taste a bit bitter now.

That’s it for now folks, good luck in your Nutritional Supplemental journey!

About the author : Lisa veroney is a blogger at With a background in nutrition, she enjoys writing about health and fitness.
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