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Phoenix is known for its consistently warm climate and beautiful desert scenery. This region also features many mountain ranges that are fun to climb and explore. Not surprisingly, the area has a great deal to offer anyone who adores hiking. People who enjoy active lifestyles will love visiting and living in this area.

There are a great deal of trails to choose from, so the very first challenge that travelers experience is trying to decide where to begin. If you are visiting or planning a trip to Phoenix, renting a car is a great idea and will make it easier to access the trails that you are interested in. Here are the top five hiking and walking trails in Phoenix. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to experience them.

Piestewa Peak is an extremely popular trail. This hike is perfect for those who are looking for a quick but challenging journey. It is a total of two miles roundtrip to the summit and back, and hikers are treated to spectacular scenery the whole way. The peak is quite steep, but short enough for inexperienced hikers to enjoy. Piestewa Peak is a family friendly place that is a perfect introduction to what the Phoenix area has to offer. Like all Phoenix trails, it is important to bring plenty of water along to combat the desert heat.

Camelback Mountain is perfect for hikers who are looking for a challenge. Two trails extend to the mountain’s nearly 2,700 foot summit. The popular Echo Canyon route takes hikers on a breathtaking one mile tour of the mountain. Experienced hikers should consider the Cholla Trail. It is steep, rocky, and an exhilarating challenge. Both paths are steep, so make sure you are fully prepared for the journey. The feeling of accomplishment once you reach the summit is truly magnificent.

Deem Hills West is one of Phoenix’s best kept secrets. This relatively new park features a six mile walk across two hills. A moderately difficult climb to the summit is rewarded with picturesque view of the surrounding area. It also features a playground and restrooms. Deem Hills West is great for people looking to take a hike with the whole family. It has something to offer everyone, from experienced hikers to small children.

Shaw Butte is a fun place to experience both of the types of terrain (flat desert and rocky mountains) that this region is known for. This is also an interesting place to go if you love history. Two old radio towers and the remnants of a decades old restaurant are located along this four and a half mile long route. Shaw Butte can take from one to three hours to travel, depending on one’s experience level. This trail is dog friendly as well.

Tom’s Thumb (North) is a large nearly four mile long granite bump. It is a major area landmark. No hiker should leave this region without visiting and photographing it. The beautiful north trail is very well maintained, but steep at times. If you love climbing, Tom’s Thumb is a great challenge. The top provides spectacular view of the Phoenix metropolitan area. It’s an ideal choice for picture taking.

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